Arthur was said to have committed suicide, but unknown from anyone he was killed. His spirit seeking justice and revenge in on plate. And then Almyra appeared. The girl who can see him whom he asked for help in search of his killer.

Now, because of an accident, Almyra suffers a comma having Arthur have a way of taking over her body in order to plan his eternal revenge.
Two souls sharing one body.


4. Chapter 3: Life Inside a Coffin

Chapter 3: Life Inside a Coffin

While following her, I had strange doubts and anxious feeling as we head towards my house. I mean she’s going to touch a corpse while my parents are watching. What will that make him

I wasn’t particularly sure why I am feeling really… lost. Yeah, it feels a bit weird after what happened just the first day of my funeral. When all people had given me some time to leave their sad moments and suddenly, a girl busting in my house coming near my coffin and without further ado, touched my pulse.

When my parents saw what she was doing, they tried to stop her and she was like a crazy woman who started to struggle wildly. Almyra was pleading to let her touch my hand and my dad was like, ‘please, I know it’s sudden and had to let go. But you have to let him rest.’ And mom was like. She was crying even more. Visitors were watching that scene, not doing anything and was just watching what will happen next. But seriously, dad’s statement gave a ‘something else’ meaning and that wasn’t really helping.

And Almyra looked really desperate to break loose and check my pulse. “Please, for the last time, let me just say my goodbye.” She gave my dad a really guilt face and my dad’s muscles seemed to have stiffen and giving her the same sympathy. He let her go and lead his hand towards my coffin as if letting her really bid her goodbye as he sat back to embrace my mom.

“What the hell was that.” I asked.

“He thinks we had something so I just went with it to have an excuse.” She whispered back at me. “Okay, let’s check on you.” She faced the coffin again where my pale body was lying in hands on my belly while eyes shut close. Now she successfully touched my hand and checked my pulse.

“What? Am I still—“

Almyra ignored me and went towards my mom. I followed and watched as she held my mom’s hand with a smile on her face. “Please, I want to show you something.” She said and lead my mom. Weirded, my mom turned towards dad first asking for permission and dad gave a nod as both went back to my ‘corpse’. My mom quickly evaded the sight of my body but Almyra grabbed my hand again and placed it in my mom’s hand. “Touch his pulse ma’am.” She continued while my mom’s hand was on her palm.

My mom pulled her hand back and cried. “Please no, please.” She sobbed begging.

“What? Am I still alive? If I am, why won’t you just tell mom right away?” I asked.

Almyra sighed. “If you don’t want to do it then please call the ambulance ma’am. Your son’s still alive.” She said holding my mom’s hand again. “He has pulse. Please.”

Dad stood up in shock, running towards my coffin and held my pulse. Eyes expressing shock as he grabbed his phone and began to dial. “Hello, please tend to my son immediately. Please!” he ran towards my mom and the other visitors stood up in curiosity. “He’s alive, my son’s alive!” he shouted.

Now mom was shocked. She stopped from crying and went towards my body to double checked. Holding my pulse as she held it securely before crying again. Wow, my mom’s really a crybaby. She scooped my shoulder up as she gave me a tight embrace. While I on such a disbelief and overwhelming happiness and not knowing what to do with it I shouted in joy. “I’m alive! It’s not too late for me!”

My mom went near Al and now was the one holding her hand. No words and sudden embrace as she cried hardly. “Thank you, thank you.” She said voice cracking as she leaned her chin on her shoulder.

“It’s okay, ma’am. I did what I can to help.” Al replied back. “You’re not going to lose him now.”

“Yes, I won’t. I won’t.”

Mom always says it twice when she’s really happy. And by now I know the reason why because I’m rejoicing myself. Well, I couldn’t blame her, after all it’s just me and my sister who they have and subtracting me in the family tree would be a loss.

“Be strong ma’am, your son’s fighting for you.” I looked at Al after she said that sentence. She was looking back at me with a ‘you’d better be’ glance before tapping my mom’s shoulder and loosening her embrace to create some distance. But knowing it was Al who was a nobody to this family, advised my mom to be strong is really uncomfortable. I’m watching her, she knows that and she still mutter embarrassing me.

“I’m so glad my son found a girl like you.” Now it was my mom’s turn to utter unnecessary things out of the blue. “You are an angel.”

Al gave a smile back to mom’s praise. “No ma’am. I’m just his classmate.” She said. “I’ll be off now. My parents are going to be worried once I reach my curfew.”

“Yes, of course. I’ll drive you home—“

“It’s okay. Just see through your son. He needs you more than me. And besides, I just live nearby so it’s really not a bother.”

Mom smiled and hug her again. “What’s your name now dear?” she asked.

“It’s Almyra, Almyra Heathers.”

“Oh, you must be attorney Heather’s daughter aren’t you?” mom recognized.

Al nodded before saying her final farewell to my mom as she began to walk out of the door. To show some gratitude myself, I walked with her outside. It was a deafening silence that I could only hear her footsteps tapping on the cement sidewalk and the rustling of trees.

“You don’t have to walk me all the way home.” Al said after the long silence.

“Well, I think I just had to.”

“What for?”

“Safety precautions.”

“Arthur, you full well known that you’re just a wind right now?” she said raising an eyebrow at me.

“I could be on the look-out. So when I see some hooligans, I’d tell you to run all the way.”

She chuckled. “Well that’s teensy-bit helpful. But seriously, a hooligan in a scary road is news to me.”

I sighed. “Well, you’ll never know.”

Then silence taken over again as we walked towards her house just few blocks away from my residence. And when we finally reached her house, we ended up staring up an empty large house with close lights.

“So, did you really have a curfew to worry about?” I asked.

“Well, I set the curfew myself. Just to make sure I am aware of my time management.” She opened the gate and entered turning back at me with a thumb’s up. “Thank you for walking me home, and good work for today. Have a good night.”

“Yeah, sure.” I replied before she fully closed the gate in front of me as I hear her footsteps going towards her front door. I waited until she’s able to enter and when she finally closed the entrance door, I took the liberty to start walking away.

Hoping I would find the man who killed me sooner.

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