Arthur was said to have committed suicide, but unknown from anyone he was killed. His spirit seeking justice and revenge in on plate. And then Almyra appeared. The girl who can see him whom he asked for help in search of his killer.

Now, because of an accident, Almyra suffers a comma having Arthur have a way of taking over her body in order to plan his eternal revenge.
Two souls sharing one body.


3. Chapter 2: The Pier

Deep in thought I walked down the stairs going down the pier. I was thinking what Almyra’s decision would be although I’m half certain she’s not going to help me.

First of all, we don’t even think that each of us existed just until early this morning when she attended my funeral that short time and sees my unseen state. I don’t think she’s the anti-social type that would simply ignore a ghost since she was nominated as the class representative for all I know and she speaks when someone talk to her. Second, who am I to her for her to help me. Over the first fact that we never really talked in a not-academic way, we can’t even consider ourselves as acquaintance. Third, she’s this famous chic at school that once she says something like seeing me she’d be a lost cause. I mean, she’s gonna help and once someone sees her talking to the invisible me, they’d think she’ll be like all nuts. And considering the fact that she’s intelligent, it’s no doubt they’d think she lost it.

The five o’clock bell rang on the sirens just on the post of the docks which usually covers all the music and announcements in the area. And when I reached the dock where I remembered my last sight before this unacceptable death, I saw a girl standing by. Watching the early steps of evening in front of the sea. Her dark locks waving behind her back and face straight into the beauty of this nightmare. Then her silhouette moved, turning its head towards my direction with a serious observing look.

“What were you doing here?” she asked. “What were you doing before you died?” Almyra asked me seriously. Eyes, searching for an answer into my soul that felt unavoidable.

I sighed, turned towards the wide view in front of me and spoke. “I was playing a coin.” I said.

“Playing a coin? In a pier?” she asked unsatisfied.

“That’s what I usually do. Anyway, I tossed the coin into the sea and someone just pushed me.” I explained. “And by the way, how did you know where I fell?”

“There’re traces of blood on the rocks. The waves didn’t clean it well.” She replied pointing over the rocks down below her and when I took a peek, I felt a bit uncomfortable. The rock had a sharp edge and thinking that I experienced hitting my head with those killer rocks, it must be painful. I mean, if I didn’t lose consciousness. “How do you feel knowing where you died?” she asked again.

“Well nothing of some sort. Why are you asking?” I asked back.

“To make sure you’re not losing it.” She replied back. “You know, so I won’t regret helping you.”

“So you’re going to?”

“I’ll try what I can do. At least.”

“Thank you. That’ll really save me.”

“I’m going to help, as long as you’re not an aggressive spirit. And to clear it out, I’m doing this for your despairing parents, to tell them that you didn’t kill yourself and someone ended it. At least, this may explain things and may serve you justice.” She explained coming near me. “And if you break my one request out of you, forget that I can even see you and don’t ever bother me again.”

“Okay, okay.” I lied. If I won’t then she won’t cooperate either. I can’t promise her that I won’t because I’m too eager to search for that man who just killed me, tuning me into a transparent unseen spirit wondering around.

“By the way.” She spoke again.

“What now?”

“Don’t talk to me in public, because even if you do, I’d ignore you.”

“Yeah, yeah I know that already.”

“And try to remember.”

“What?” I asked raising my brows questioningly.

“Remember what’s there when you died of course.”

“I can’t. It was damn dark. How do you expect me to point accurate things out?”

“Not exactly the accurate. I mean you can tell me what you felt, what you saw, what you can actually picture out in that moment.”

“Well, silhouettes of course.” I thought for a moment and tried to reminisce my death. But all the sudden all I see is white flash of blinding light. The deeper I tried to get into my head, the more it felt hazy and dazing white that made me involuntarily held my head and felt my head cracking that I can’t understand. The sensation was inaccurate that what registered on my head was extreme confusion and pain.

“You okay?” she asked. “You can stop thinking.” She said again.

“I’m trying to concentrate—“

“No, stop.” She said seriously that somewhat pulled me off my deep thoughts. I looked at her and saw a sight of curiosity in her eyes and seemed to kept it to herself before stepping forward to see how I was. “I guess that’s bad.” She said.

“What are you now? A ghost expert?” I sarcastically asked before fixing myself.

“Most spirits who are confused usually forgets the most important part of them and this entails them to unravel that mystery, sometimes it occurs because they deemed very traumatic and when memories are retrieved it leads them to reveal all answers…” she paused and thought for a moment and then continued. “That usually, brings them back to their material bodies…” She looked at me as though I was a really big fish caught in the sea with her wide solved eyes.

“What now?” I asked.

“That means you might not be dead yet!” she said. And that tone was as shocked as how my face seemed to express. I’m not dead yet? Seriously.

“What are you talking about—“

“We can’t let them bury you alive. I need to check your body just to make sure that my assumptions are correct.” She said and began to sprint off the pier while I stood still for a while and watched her in disbelief. But soon when I got over her blunt assumption, I followed.

I hope she’s right. I wish I’m still alive.

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