My name is Hanna i have a twin brother Hart , i was born dead basically and i was diagnosed with lunge cancer since i was only 3 months old ......


6. the one with the puppy

My parents are back and my dad promised that he would teach me how to drive; my mom and Chris are against me driving, Hart thinks it’s a good idea it think so too cause I really need to learn how to take care of myself and rely on myself; Hart isn’t going to be around me to take care of me forever.

Rosita woke me up for school at 6 as always, today was going to be a good day hopefully; dad is going to teach me the basics in driving and I don’t have lots of classes today so that’s exciting plus I feel energized today.

I showered, wore black jeans and a Pikachu hoddie and my black Nikes and sat down next to hart in the dining table, Chris reminded me to go take my pills so I did, I saw some suit cases next to the door so that means my parents are travelling again and that also means that my dad wouldn’t teach me how to drive like he promised. I decided to not even ask Rosita about it so I just forgot about it and took my coffee.

Today Noah and Adam are coming to pick me up we don’t have a class the first period so we planned to go get pancakes from IHOP, they looked so excited and hungry (tbh Adam and Noah are always hungry its fascinating). When we got there it was pretty empty we sat in a booth and ordered, I ordered chocolate chip pancakes and a cup of iced coffee (I drink a lot of coffee I know) and Noah and Adam ordered the regular pancakes.

Out of nowhere harry and the guys appeared

“Hey Hanna” Niall said waving, harry was behind him

“Hi” Harry said smiling his dimples peeking through

“HII guys come sit with us ” Noah said with lots of excitement.

“yeah come join us” I said.

“um yea sure” Niall said smiling

“thanks” Harry told the waiter holding their orders

For some reason I wasn’t hungry at all but I ate my pancakes so Noah wouldn’t get upset. Once we were done we all got up and headed to school, me and Noah have Literature for the second period and we are kind of late but we really don’t care miss Marwa is always 20 minutes late anyways so she won’t notice.

At lunch I noticed Sara and Maria weren’t there which is weird so I asked Noah about them and he didn’t know a thing,

“they have volley ball try outs for the team” Adam said

“oh okay ” I said

We sat in our usual table Noah and Adam are enjoying their food as always and I was having a Nutella sandwich Rosita made me.

Hart and the guys joined us, I felt kind of weird being the only girl but I started getting used to it, plus I look like a boy anyways so that made me fit in perfectly I guess.

I remembered my dream that I had at the hospital, why am I thinking about it know for god’s sake, I tried to shake it off by something else and I remembered the suit cases that were next to the door today ‘are my parents travelling again, is my dad going to break his promise?’ I really needed to ask Hart maybe he knows….

“are you okay Hun” Liam asked me snapping me out of my thoughts

“yeah I’m fine” I said with a smile which made Hart ask me the same question

“what’s wrong?”

“nothing really” I said trying to make him forget about it, but he just raised his eyebrows and waited for an actual answer, I hate it when he does this

“I’m just nervous” I told him

“of?” Louis asked

“my dad is going to teach her how to drive today” Hart said smiling, maybe they aren’t travelling today.

“REALLY” Noah almost shouted, he seemed excited we all laughed at his reaction I nodded.

“good luck then” Louis said

“you’ll be great don’t worry” Harry said

“thanks” I said blushing

“you’re blushing” Noah whispered in my ear, which made me feel so embarrassed.

The bell rang so we all got up and I went to my locker to get the stuff I needed for trig, then I headed to class.

After school Hart had football practice so I called Chris and he didn’t pick up, why is this happening again, I headed to my locker to see if had any money cause what I had wasn’t enough, as I was walking I noticed a girls was staring at me and looked away when I caught her, I’m sick of this why was she staring, I went over to her

“can you stop staring at me like that?” she looked nervous, and I just had enough of it.

“oh sorry I didn’t mean to”

“its fine” I told her and went to my locker and I actually didn’t have enough, so that means that I have to walk back home.

The weather today was sunny and chilly at the same time; I swear the weather here in London is just so weird. I hate walking in the streets; I get stared at like I was a disease.

As I was walking there was a cute little puppy that looked lost I couldn’t resist his cuteness, he was a brown German Sheppard his right ear was bleeding so I had to take him. I carried the puppy back home with me and Hart was there with the guys, I unlocked the door and entered I took my purse from the hanger behind the door it has my credit card, no one noticed the puppy I was carrying, I was exhausted from walking and carrying my bags and the puppy

“Hart can you take me to the vet” Hart looked confused

“Oh look at that cute little pup” Zayn said, and then they all saw him, Harry got up so quick that I didn’t even notice him standing in front of me

“he’s hurt, come on lets go” Harry said, looking at Hart and the rest of the guys.

Harry was driving and I was setting in the passenger seat with the pup and Hart and Niall were setting in the back seat; they insisted on coming with us.

We waited for TWO HOURS but it was worth it, the puppy was cleaned and better her looked so happy and adorable, I decided to keep him and take care of him. On our way back Harry had the AUX cable and his songs were amazing tbh, Harry Niall and Hart were singing along ‘teenage kicks: one way or another’ I kind of remember this song, Hart said I used to love this song it explains why I remember

“one day maybe next week im gonna meet ya ” we all sang and Hart just stopped singing and he looked shocked


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