My name is Hanna i have a twin brother Hart , i was born dead basically and i was diagnosed with lunge cancer since i was only 3 months old ......


7. the one with the promise

“HANNA YOU REMEMBERED” Hart shouted. He just stared at me with a very proud look, Harry and Niall looked happy I guess Hart told them about my condition;

“I DID” I said full of excitement, I can’t wait to get home and tell Chris and Rosita.

“So what are you going to call the puppy?” Harry asked, changing the subject.

“I don’t know yet, do you have anything in mind?”

“Yes actually I do” I looked at him with a confused look

“Hemmy” he said, I actually like the name and hemmy seems to like it too.

“Then hemmy it is” I agreed with a huge smile, he looked happy.

When we got home the suit cases weren’t next to the door anymore and Chris didn’t look happy, I took off my shoes and hanged my purse behind the door. Liam, Louis and Zayn left with Harry and Niall once we got here, and I think Rosita left too, I sat next to Chris and putted hemmy down to play;

“They left didn’t they?” I asked him, he just nodded with disappointment, I just smiled and sat back I didn’t know what to expect from my parents tbh, Hart sat next to me and just smiled he looked sad and disappointed

“I can teach how to drive if you want” Chris said trying to cheer me up, I held his shoulder and shacked my head

“No it’s fine I don’t want to learn how to drive anymore” I was just sad that my dad broke his promise, but I guess the company was that important. I forgot the thought of driving anyways.

I wanted to walk and think of something else so I did and I took hemmy with me, it was 7 pm and the streets were quiet and peaceful, as I was walking out of the house no one really noticed me leaving thank god because Chris wouldn’t have left me anyways.

‘why am I shocked this always happens, I really should get used to it, it always happens and I never learn I guess I’ve become naïve and stupid, no no maybe they had a very important meeting” all of these thoughts are going on in my mind it started to be disturbing.

I decided to go to IHOP, I always go there with Hart it’s our favorite place; when I got there I was exhausted I sat outside because dogs aren’t allowed inside;

“Hey Hanna, what’s your order” Charlie asked, he works here after school (Charlie is a very cute, tall, handsome and charming but he’s gay bummer ha, we became friends because we are lab partners in chemistry).

“H…hi I didn’t know you’re working tonight”

“Cheese burger with curly fries?” he asked cheekily

“Yes please” I said chuckling.

The food was good as always I paid and started walking back home, and I saw Hart running towards me

“HANNA” he shouted from a long distance still running towards me, ‘why is he running, I’m right here’

“Where were you scared the shit out of me, don’t ever leave me again” he said hugging me, he looked worried and scared.

“I went to IHOP and hemmy needed to take a poo” I explained, he was still hugging me like I was going to run away or something.

“Chris is going to kill you”

“yeah I know”

The walk back home was quiet. when we got home Chris was at sitting on the stairs in front of the front door his face was buried in his hands ‘why didn’t I tell him I was leaving he looks so worried now I feel bad’;

I gave Hart Hemmy’s leash and hugged Chris to calm him down he looks like he was crying

“hey I’m okay, I’m fine” I told him

“I will kill you if you did this again” he looked serious which scared me but then he smiled.

“Come on it freezing out here” Hart whined, I just laughed at his facial expression. We stayed in the living room and watched Friends on Netflix.

“Chris guess what” Hart said, and Chris looked confused.

“Hanna remembered some lyrics”

“REALLY” Chris looked surprised and happy.

“yeah” I told him with an ear to ear smile, he looked soo happy, he hugged me tightly I felt like my head would snap out of it’s place

“now I want a hug too” Hart said joining our hug I couldn’t help but laugh at them.

“off to sleep you guys have school tomorrow” Chris said breaking the hug and ordering us

“come on I’m not joking it’s 1 am” wait what how long was I out, my eyes widened and I stood up and carried hemmy

“good night ” I said heading up stairs to my room

“night” Hart said.

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