My name is Hanna i have a twin brother Hart , i was born dead basically and i was diagnosed with lunge cancer since i was only 3 months old ......


8. the one with the knock knock jokes


I woke up with a huge pain on my chest and I started coughing blood then it started to get even worse, I felt like there was a knife stuck in my chest the more I cough the worse it gets I wanted to call Chris but I couldn’t, I tried to move but it hurts; Hemmy started to panic and bark so loud that he woke Chris up, Chris came to my room running even though his room is right next to mine, he opened the door and saw me crying.

He switched on the lights and woke Hart up to help him take me to the hospital, the pain in my chest got worse and my vision started to blur, Hart was carrying me to the van and Chris went to get dressed cause he was just wearing shorts, Hart was in his pajamas and so was I; I was wearing a baby blue pajama and now it’s full of blood.

When we got to the hospital and the next thing I remember was Hart’s eyes full of tears.

‘Don’t leave me Hanna come back, Hanna don’t you dare leave me here alone’ I heard Hart say.

I woke up in this awfully bright room and Hart wasn’t here, body hurts, I look around and my right arm hurts and I have all of these devices stick to my body and I notice this huge window on my right and Hart’s leaning against it ‘why isn’t he here why is he standing outside why am I not in my own cozy bed with hemmy next to and where is Rosita’ all of these questions in my head and I need answers, or do I ‘maybe I’m getting worse and Hart is trying to cool down or maybe I’m fine and he’s just waiting for someone’ there’s Chris he looks like he’s telling Hart to head home because Hart is shaking his head a lot .

“Hi honey” Chris said with a smile walking in he looks sad though. I just nod and tried to smile but I failed

“you have to stay here under watch just till we make sure you’re stable then we can go back home, okay?” I nodded

I feel so weak and in so much pain, like every muscle hurts; so I slept hoping tomorrow I’ll be better.

“Are you in pain?” I heard someone say his voice sounds familiar’ I opened my eyes and saw Hart and the guys they all look tired and worried, I couldn’t help but smile.

“yeah a little” I said trying to sit, Hart helped me, and left to call Chris.

“how are you feeling?” Harry asked

“really harry?!!” Louis asked laughing at his question

“sorry I know that’s a stupid question”

“I’m fine thank you” I said smiling, these guys never fail to make me smile.

“good afternoon” Chris said walking in with the pain killers.

“rate the pain you’re having from 1 to 10”

“a solid 8” I told him with a weak smile, they all looked shocked Chris’s eyes got wider and Hart looked surprised, I guess they expected less, I chuckled at their reactions.

“Wow” Zayn said breaking the silence in the room, I reached my hands to take the pills from Chris.

“you guys need to go for practice you’re going to be late” Chris said almost like he was ‘shooing’ them out

“I’m staying I’m don’t play in the team” Harry said, ‘wait what I thought he plays too huh I guess not’

“if it’s okay with you of course” he asked me, and I just nodded.

“okay” Louis said smirking

“Noah, Adam, Maria and Sarah said they’ll come tomorrow” Hart said

“yeah yeah come on you’ll be late” Chris said.

When they left Chris gave a glass of water and I took my pills hoping it’ll actually work.

Harry and I got to know each other so what I know about him so far is:

‘He has an older sister Gemma and they are like best friends and he’s into music and hates football but it grew in him since he lives with the guys, he is a terrible dancer and that he used to work in a bakery but as a cashier’ he seems really nice and charming and some of his knock knock jokes are funny but cheesy;

“The last one” he told me after 10 “last ones”

“Last one” I said laughing

“Knock knock”

“Who’s there?”

“A cow goes?”

“A cow goes who”

“No a cow goes moo” I laughed so hard not because of the joke because of his cheesiness

“Sorry that was cheesy”

“Yeah” I said still laughing and now he looks embarrassed.

“So tell me why are you single?” he asked, this is the third time he asked this question;

“because I’m too sick to get into a relationship” I finally answered him.

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