My name is Hanna i have a twin brother Hart , i was born dead basically and i was diagnosed with lunge cancer since i was only 3 months old ......


10. the one with the '20 questions'

“Hanna Harry’s here” I heard Chris I got so nervous and I just took a look at myself in the mirror and for once I look good; I walked downstairs and there he was talking to Chris he looked really good.

“Hi” he said with a smile and his dimples were peaking through, he was wearing a black button down shirt with rose pattern and a black jeans and boots he looks great.

“H...Hi” I finally said, he opened the door I grabbed my denim jacket and walked out.

The ride was filled with short conversations and him singing along his favorite songs, once we got to the mall

“I just texted the guys and none of them got here yet” Harry said as we were walking in the mall.

“We could go get some food to kill time” I said smiling

“You read my mind” he said laughing

We walked and the mall was so crowded and it was kind of hard to walk without hitting someone and apologizing and I couldn’t breathe properly, Harry noticed I was about to panic so he grabbed my hands and we got to the food court.

“Are you okay?” Harry asked as we were trying to find a table, he looked worried and scared

“Yeah I’m fine” I said smiling

“Okay so what do you want to eat?”

“Hummmm” I hummed thinking what do I want.

“Please don’t say ‘anything’” Harry said and I just laughed at his comment

“How about ‘shake shack’?” I said, he looked surprised


“uhh nothing” he said smiling

After we were done eating we just sat there having short conversations;

“you look really beautiful today” he said smiling

“thank you, you look good today too”


After minutes of uncomfortable silence I noticed that Harry looked like he want to say something so I just asked him

“what are you thinking about?” I asked him breaking the silence

“I really want to get to know you” he finally said he looks so nervous and for some reason I felt nervous too.

“What do you want to know about me”


“Let’s just play 20 questions, ask me anything and I’ll answer” I said

“I’ll start then” Harry said

“Have you ever been in a relationship?” I don’t know why did I expected him to ask me that

“I haven’t actually” I said smiling, he looked shocked “Next question” I told him

“Uh do you like it when people treat you differently?”

“I hate it” “really why?”

“I don’t want to be reminded all of that time that I’m different or that I’m sick, I want to be treated like a normal person”

“What do you think is the perfect date plan?”

“A place that isn’t crowded somewhere that is fun like going camping or having a picnic in the beach or going to a theme park” He smiled and nodded

“You’re different than any girl I’ve ever met”

“What do you mean?” I got a little confused

“You don’t get shy when you’re eating in public, you don’t hide your reaction to something, you’re always smiling, you don’t hide your feelings, you’re a warrior, you hate being weak, you’re always who you are, and you’re amazing, and I’m so thankful that I met you cause you’re so inspiring and strong”

I just smiled and I didn’t know what to say I was shocked

“I’m thankful that I met you too” I said smiling

Harry’s phone was ringing

“hey Niall where are you guys”

“we are at the food court”

After a few minutes we saw Niall and Louis coming towards us, Harry waved so that they could see us and sat next to me,

“Hi sorry we were late, Louis over here took a nap” Niall said looking Louis and Louis was just smiling.

We waited for the rest to reach and then we went to the cinema and we watched ‘Jurassic world: Fallen kingdom’, it was a nice movie Louis picked it since no one was able to decide.

After the movie we hung out, Gigi and Cheryl were really nice and Danielle was very annoying.

“You guys should really come hang out at my place its huge we can have a sleep over, it would be amazing” Danielle said as she was hugging Hart’s arm, I could tell that Niall, Louis and harry were annoyed by her just as I am.

“wouldn’t that be a GREAT idea, right everyone” Louis said sarcastically, we all laughed except Danielle and gigi and Cheryl I guess they didn’t notice that he was joking.

Hart and Danielle left they said they had plans, Liam and Cheryl and Zayn and Gigi also left, so it was just me Harry Niall and Louis we hung out for a while until Chris texted me

“your mom and dad want to talk to you and Hart about something important you need to come back ASAP”

“my mom and dad want to tell me something important, I’ll call an uber you can stay with Niall and Louis” I told Harry; I was so nervous about what my parents want to say to us that I didn’t know how to react. Harry grabbed my hand once I was grabbing my bag

“Hey I’ll drop you don’t worry” harry said

“we were about to leave any ways” Louis said smiling


On our way to my house I got a text from Hart

“where are you?”

“almost home” I texted him back, and I just shoved my face in my hands trying to calm down, then I remembered that today I was getting my test results from the hospital.

“SHIT” I said 

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