My name is Hanna i have a twin brother Hart , i was born dead basically and i was diagnosed with lunge cancer since i was only 3 months old ......


9. the one with Chris's help

“So tell me why are you single?” he asked, this is the third time he asked this question;

“Because I’m too sick to get into a relationship” I finally answered him.

He just stood there confused and shocked, he opened his mouth to say something but my mom and dad came in; Harry said good night and left.

My parents stayed and we watched a movie and I fell asleep and when I woke up they weren’t there.

Chris said that today they’ll let me out and that I’m stable I didn’t feel any better but I’d rather go home than stay here.


 The next morning

Rosita didn’t wake me up for school and my mom tried to convince me to stay, plus I’m already late anyways so I stayed.

My mom and dad went to the company and Chris was up all night yesterday so he went to sleep. I got really bored

“Rosita I’m taking hemmy for a walk” I told her putting hemmy on his leash, she didn’t know what to say

“I will take care of myself don’t worry” I said kissing her forehead.

“Okay just take care please and don’t walk too far” she said and I nodded, I wore my shoes and took my purse and walked out of the front door.

The streets were quiet and it was a little cold, we walked a lot and the next thing we were already in front of IHOP.

I was soo hungry and I desperately needed coffee, unfortunately dogs aren’t allowed in so we had to sit outside I ordered blueberry pancakes and chocolate coffee.

As I was enjoying my meal I heard someone call my name

“Hanna” I turned around and saw Hart and the guys coming out of Hart’s car, I just smiled and waved; they grabbed chairs and sat in the table

“why aren’t you sitting inside?” Liam asked

“dogs aren’t allowed in” I said pointing at hemmy

“how are you feeling today?” Zayn asked

“I’ve been better” I said taking a sip of my coffee

“you shouldn’t have come here alone” Hart said he looked serious and angry, I held his hand

“I’m fine, plus I can’t just stay at home doing nothing” he just nodded

“And why didn’t Rosita wake me up for school?”

“Mom thought it was a good idea to let you sleep” I nodded

“Well you look better tbh” Louis said smiling

“Thank you”

“Hanna today we are going to the cinema why don’t you join us” Harry said

“YEA it would be amazing you could get to meet Cheryl Liam’s gf and Gigi Zayn’s gf” Niall said, he looked so excited

“and we can watch Hart mess up on his date with Danielle” Zayn said laughing

“I don’t know..” I said “I already talked to mom” hart said cutting me

“okay then I’ll come with you guys”

“FINALLY!!” Louis shrieked and they all looked excited.

“okay, I’m heading home before Chris realizes I’m not in my room” I got up

“wait no you can’t go alone” Hart said

“and why not? I walked here alone” Hart didn’t know what to say and Louis laughed at him

“bye see you guys later” I walked away and stopped to ask them:

“ohh yeah at what time are we going?”

“I’m going to pick Danielle up” Hart said

“I’ll pick you up and I’ll text you the time” Harry said, I smiled and nodded.

When I unlocked the front door I saw Chris standing in front of the door and he looked angry and worried ‘I think I’m going to be in a huge trouble’

“Hi” I said smiling, he just hugged me and sighed heavily

“I’m okay” I told him before he asked me ‘are you okay?’

“GUESS what” I told him


“I’m going out with our friends” I said cheekily

“I thought Hart has a date” he said

“he does, don’t worry Harry’s picking me up” he smirked

“I think he likes you a lot”

“No, no he doesn’t we are just friends”

“HUH YOU like him too”

“no I don’t” I felt my cheeks heat up

“yes you do you’re blushing” he said laughing

“SHUSH I’m not”

“Whatever you say”

“Did you eat darling” Rosita said as I walked in the kitchen

“yeah I had pancakes, I’m going to feed Hemmy”


I got a text from Harry:

“Hi Hanna, I’ll pick you up at 5 ; )”

“Okay =)”

Its already 3 and I need to start deciding what I’m going to wear ‘Wait I can let Chris choose’

“CHRIS I NEED YOUR HELP”I called him from the stairs

He came running and he looked worried and terrified

“are you okay?”

“I don’t know what to wear” he slapped his forehead

“and I thought you aren’t feeling well, fine let’s see” he smiled

He picked out a black with white strips top and black skinny jeans and for shoes he picked my black vans

“your whole wardrobe is black, so I didn’t have a great selection so this will do”

“thank you”

“you need to put makeup you look pale” he said

“I don’t want” I whined

But then I looked at myself and realized he was right I need to cover my dark under eyes

I applied concealer under my eyes and set it with a little powder, I curled my lashes and applied mascara, bronzed my face and added a little blush; I finished by applying lip gloss and I just ran my hands through my hair.




Hi I know this chapter is boring the next one will be better  =)

I didn't really know what to name this Chapter 


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