My name is Hanna i have a twin brother Hart , i was born dead basically and i was diagnosed with lunge cancer since i was only 3 months old ......


4. Just a normal bad day

Just a Bad day

Rosita woke me up for school and I’m not really in the mood of being stared at, I stayed in bed for 5 more minutes then I got up realizing that it was more than 5 minutes, I took a quick shower and got dressed I just wore sweat pants and a black shirt I really need to buy more cloths but ehh i'm too lazy.

The day was very slow but I managed , at lunch I sat with my friends and Chloe was there I wasn’t in mood of listening to her , Noah and Adam were eating and they seemed to enjoy their food , I noticed Hart wasn’t here so I texted him

‘Hey where are you?’

‘Sitting in the table behind you, I can’t stand Chloe ’

‘Same ’

‘come sit with us ’ I looked behind me and Hart was smiling and waving at me to go there, I got up grabbed my bag A and my coffee and sat with him and his new friends.

“Hi” I said to them, they all smiled and waved to me

“Hey Hanna” Niall said with a ear to ear smile, I smiled back

“Hanna these are my friends Zayn, Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis”

“nice to finally meet you” Louis said , I didn’t see Louis before I guess he’s in a higher class, I just nodded and took a sip of my coffee feeling nervous, being around them for some reason makes me very nervous. The guys and Hart were having a conversation that I didn’t want to be part of so I just sat there drinking my coffee.

Noah, Adam and I had GYM class and so did Hart and the guys except Louis he was free the fourth period so he decided to join us , I’ve always hated gym class cause I wasn’t permitted to play with the rest so I would always just sit in the benches and watch the girls play volley ball and the boys play foot ball .so I just sit there watching them play with my earphones I’m still trying to remember the songs I have in my old phone ,and I have these pics saved on my phone with my best friends, Hart and just random selfies , looking at my selfies I noticed that I looked healthy and a little chubby  I had long hair that looked really nice, I kind of wished I had long hair and I wished I remembered all of the memories behind these pics .

I zoned out staring at them and I didn’t notice Louis sitting next to me, he scared me for a second, and I guess he noticed cause he laughed at me, I felt my cheeks heating up from embarrassment.

He was eating cheetos I remember that I was addicted to them ,but now I don’t like them as much as I did before, he offered me some but I just shacked my head ,He took one of my ear phone from my ear and started listening to the song that was playing with me , and he was enjoying it cause he was dancing a little which made me laugh at he

“At last” I just looked at him wondering what he meant

“I haven’t seen you laugh and harry said your laugh was very cute and different” what the hell, what does he mean.

“what do you mean by cute and different?” I caught him off guard he looked nervous from my question.

“your eyes disappears when you laugh and its cute” I couldn’t help but laugh and I felt my cheeks heat up.

“”thanks I guess” I told him, he just smiled and nodded.

After practice was over Hart and the rest of the boys came and sat with us and Noah and Adam joined us too, Noah was still smirking I really want to ask him what’s the smirk about, Adam began to smirk as well I got up and pulled them with me out of the gym hall .

“what’s up with you two” I snapped at them

“Harry likes you huh” Noah said, wait what??

“No he doesn’t we are just friends”

“mmmhmm” Adam said ,why would they think that he does, have they seen him he is cute and he probably could get any girl he wished for why would he like ME, plus he is just my friend nothing more than that .

“uh forget about it ,you two are acting like fifth graders” I said and I walked away.

I had physics class and I really liked physics but today i wasnt paying much attention ,Harry and Niall were sitting behind me and all I could think about was what Noah said , it didn’t make sense to so I decided to forget that discussion ever happened ,I was so tired after physics then it hit me I forgot to take my medicine, SHIT Chris will kill me if he knew; that explains why I was weak and tired the whole day.

Once the class ended I rushed out of the class looking for Hart I don’t know why but I guess maybe he has some for emergency I decided to go to check in my locker, as I was walking towards my locker I heard someone calling me

“hey Hanna slow down ” Niall said harry was walking next to him they were coming towards me, I slowed down so that they could catch up to me

“are you okay? you look nervous” Harry said

“yea I just need to get my pills I forgot to take them today” I have no idea what am I going to do if I didn’t have any of my pills in my locker.

“hey ,hey its fine if you didn’t get them I’ll take you back home ” Harry said, he looked worried and nervous . I just smiled and nodded

Once I got to my locker I found my pills I sighed and I felt so relieved , Harry and Niall were happier than me I take my pills  and I just laughed at myself Harry and Niall were laughing too.

Once school ended I waited for Hart next to his car but he didn’t show up I was worried at first but then I checked my phone to see the time and I saw that he sent me text

‘hey Han I have foot ball try outs so I wont be driving you home you can call Chris to come pick you up , sorry I’ll make it up to you ’

GREAT this day couldn’t get any worse at least I thought so , all of my friends have already left so I called Chris and he told me he’s at the hospital there was an important meeting, WOW everything is getting worse but at least the weather wasn’t bad, so I decided to walk back home.

Home is just ten minutes away so I can manage, I didn’t have enough pocket money to call an uber or just get a cab so I didn’t really have a choice.

On my way home I got tired and I couldn’t breathe properly so I just stopped walking to catch my breath, I went to a small café and ordered a cup of chocolate coffee to go just to calm me down , it didn’t taste bad but it wasn’t the best.

As I was walking back home I saw Chloe and Maria next to the stop sign in Chloe’s car I covered my face so they don’t notice me and thank god they didn’t. once I got back home finally, I saw Hart sitting in the dining table with the guys and Rosita was serving them some cup cakes I just stood there in door trying to catch my breath, shit how long did I take to get here , all of the guys and Hart were happy so I guess they got in the team

“HEY , Hanna” Hart said cutting me out of my thoughts.

“where were you, I was worried about you” Rosita asked

“I walked back from school and I stopped for coffee at that café down the street”

“are you okay mami ” Rosita said , I just giggled and hugged her, I went to say hi to the guys and went to take a hot bubbly bath because I was freezing .

Once I was done I got dressed in my pajamas and walked down stairs and the guys were still there having dinner, I sat next to Chris and Zayn

“Chris guess what Hanna forgot to take her pills this morning” Hart said smiling

“WHAT” Chris almost chocked

“its fine I found some in my locker ,I’m fine” I told him

“Don’t you ever do that ever again”

“I won’t don’t worry” I gave Hart an evil look , and Rosita just slapped the back of Hart’s head , and we all laughed at him , once I was done eating I took my pills and every night before I go to sleep Chris has to check my breathing level just to make sure I’m okay and today it wasn’t so he had to inject me with some solution that made my breathing pattern stable and made me sleep I said good night to everyone before he injected me to be polite.





Please excuse any grammatical or any spelling mistakes =) 

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