My name is Hanna i have a twin brother Hart , i was born dead basically and i was diagnosed with lunge cancer since i was only 3 months old ......


3. First day Back

High school

One year later

Tomorrow will be my first day back to high school so this is my second to last year ,somehow my parents managed to make me skip the class that I missed and I got straight A’s so that means me and hart are in the same grade which makes sense .but im still very nervous and excited at the same time .

Rosita woke me up to take my medicine and get ready so I did even though I was so tired and sleepy but its only 6 am school starts at 8am , I showered and started to go through my closet and most of my cloths doesn’t fit me anymore since I lost a lot of weight so I decided to wear black leggings and a gray oversize hoddie and I wore black Nike brushed my hair (I have a boy cut hair) and I went to the kitchen to find Hart having breakfast I wasn’t really hungry but Chris convinced me to eat an apple and I filled my cup with iced coffee and we left to school.

I forgot that Hart has his license already and dad got him a land rover which hart was wishing for, for a while now. On our way to school the ride was full of Hart singing from the bottom of his heart and me trying to remember the song but failing , once we got there hart parked in a handicapped parking because of me which made me feel like im too weak to walk a long distance I felt bad but I shrugged it off once I saw my friends waiting for me Hart went to his friends I went to my locker and it had my stuff I threw the books I didn’t need for the first and the second period, I didn’t have a class the first period so I stayed outside in the benches all of my friends had classes and Hart was nowhere to be found I guess he has a class.

I sat in one of the benches outside kept the bag that has my oxygen tube (I call it bag A) and my other bag in the floor and I just stayed listening to music from my old phone trying to remember the songs but I just couldn’t, as I was sitting there four guys walked in front of me and they looked new so they were kind of lost one of them came to me and

 said “excuse me , hi ” with a charming smile

I looked up to see a blonde guy with three of his friends behind him “Hi ” I said taking my ear phones out of my ears.

“we are new here can you please direct us to the reception please?” he asked with his irish accent

I really didn’t remember where it was “Umm I actually have no idea sorry ” I told them smiling weakly .

They just smiled and he said “thanks anyways” then they walked away and I was alone again.

Once the first period ended I headed inside because I started to feel a little chilly , as I was walking down the hallway I noticed everyone was staring at me I was pulling my bag A and carrying my other bag (bag A had small wheels so its easier to walk with it without carrying it on my shoulders ) I felt like a freak I really wanted to go back home I felt like I didn’t belong here but then all of those thoughts disappeared when I saw my best friends Maria has a boyfriend that is kind of cute ‘I’m proud of her’ I thought and Noah was so happy and excited for some reason and Adam was grumpy and he looked very sleepy but he managed to smile when I said ”Hi bitches ” ,Maria introduced me to her boyfriend William he seemed nice, they both had literature the second period so they left.

Adam and Sara left to their classes as well Noah and I had trigonometry together so we decided to wait for the bell to ring before we leave for class I love Noah’s attitude with everything he never hides his emotions and his secrets from me .

We stayed in front of my locker just talking and the boys I met outside walked next to us and smiled at me so I just smiled back to be polite and Noah just looked at me with a very uncomfortable smile like he was thinking of something bad.

“What?”I asked him

“nothing” he said smirking, I knew it wasn’t nothing but I just forgot about it and grabbed my bags and we headed to trig , as we were walking in everyone was staring at me I saw Hart talking to two of the boys I met earlier

“Hi ” I said to Hart

“Hey I saved you a seat, uh hi Noah” he said Noah smiled and sat behind me.

“this is harry and Liam , Liam Harry this is my twin Hanna”

“Hi” Liam said , “uhh Hi” Harry said smiling

I nodded and smiled back , Harry was sitting in front of me and Liam in front of Hart .


At lunch

I walked in the cafeteria and still everyone was still staring at me , I saw Hart with his new friends standing in the line I wasn’t really hungry so I just went and get me a cup of iced coffee from the vending machine and I saw Sara waving her hands , I went to their table and I found one of the girls I remember that I used to hate her she was Maria and Sara’s friend I still sat next to Adam and Noah they were busy eating and the girls were having a conversation I wasn’t interested in so I just sat there feeling weird and unwanted , now I know why I hated Chloe Maria and Sara’s friend she had a very rude attitude and she was talking A LOT I got so disturbed and uncomfortable so

“I’m going to Mrs Marwa she needed me for something ” I lied and got up from the table and o headed out side and I sat in one of the benches .

Finally school is over I’m really tired I slept in the car on our way back home and woke up finding myself in the couch with Hart next to me , we had dinner I did my homework and I called it a night.

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