My name is Hanna i have a twin brother Hart , i was born dead basically and i was diagnosed with lunge cancer since i was only 3 months old ......


2. coma


Two years ago my cancer got soo bad I had to do a surgery that was considered 45% a fail because after the surgery I got into a coma for one whole year and I lost most of my memory but while I was in the coma I was able to hear everything around me it was just like I was trapped in a cold white room, I wasn’t able to move but I was able to feel my twin’s hands on me and my mom and dad talking to me and I was able to hear Chris telling me that it was up to me if I wanted to wake up or stay there , and to be honest I really wanted to wake up but I couldn’t it was like I was chained to the bed.

But one day I felt Hart’s tears in my palms and I just felt like I needed to be there for him to show him that I’m okay so I fought against all of those chains holding me back and I opened my eyes to see Hart sleeping with his face in my hands he looks kind of different his hair looks shorter, he looks tanner and I looked around the room its full of flowers and I saw Rosita sleeping in the couch , I wasn’t able to talk I felt like there’s something squeezing my throat so I coughed and blood came out of my mouth it tasted disgusting . Hart woke up and just looked at my he obviously was shocked, he ran out of the room without saying anything seconds later he came back and doctor Chris was next to him they looked so surprised and happy and confused at the same time they just stood there looking at me like I was zombie , I wanted to laugh at their expression but that would be stupid wouldn’t it

 so I just said”Hi” trying to smile but I miserably failed.

Hart just smiled and doctor Chris looked to the ceiling and said ”thank you” and rushed to clean my mouth and tilted my head so that I could spit the rest of the blood that was filling my mouth and he just smiled.

Hart called my mom and dad and he called my best friends that I don’t really remember but Chris told me “you’ll remember them don’t worry darling ” him saying that comforted me and made me feel kind of safe.

Hart came in nd  woke Rosita up and hugged me tightly and said “I knew you wouldn’t just leave me alone” and I felt his tears in my shoulder.

 I felt soo happy seeing my parents and my best friends who I ended up remembering Sara , Maria, Adam and Noah, Noah was crying when he saw me he cried soo much even my mom didn’t cry as much as he did which was heart warming .

Two months later

I can walk now which is a miracle and Chris told me that if I was able to walk alone then I could go back home and even back to high school which is great I still want to finish studies and graduate I won’t give up not now not ever.

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