My name is Hanna i have a twin brother Hart , i was born dead basically and i was diagnosed with lunge cancer since i was only 3 months old ......


1. Introduction


Hi my name is Hanna I have a twin brother Hart that I love more than anything, my mom and dad run a company so we hardly see them we were basically raised by our house maid her name is Rosita she is like a mother to us , I was diagnosed with lung cancer since I was 3 months old ,but fortunately I had a surgery that stopped it from growing but I still had to live with breathing pipes stuck to my nostrils and carrying a bag with my oxygen tube. I’m pretty much like hazel grace from” the fault in our stars”   I live with my brother Rosita and my own doctor/nurse his name is Chris he is an amazing doctor, friend, his like my dad. My parents travel A LOT I sometimes forget about them.

Hart has always been there by my side when im at the hospital or when I have an appointment or before any surgery he is an amazing brother I love him , doctor Chris has been my doctor since I was 2 years old even though I didn’t need a doctor but my parents hired him to take care of me when they aren’t around his room is right next to mine so whenever I needed him his there , oh and he is gay by the way and hates marriage but he still considers me and hart as his children.

Rosita is married and she has two kids so she doesn’t live with us but she’s always here her daughters graduated high school last year and both of them got a scholarship in America California to be exact.


Authors note:

Hi I just graduated high school and I’m soooo happy I can finally start writing cause its kind of my hobby. Hope you like it so far.

Oh btw all of the characters besides one direction are fictional.




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