Finding her

How would you feel when you finally admit your love for someone and they admit it back, only for time to mess up and take them away from you? Broken? Lost? Brandon, felt the same way and it didn’t help him that he was not in the same time, literally.
He set out to find the one he truly loves and was lost due to a rookie mistake, well according to her it was a rookie mistake.
Will he able to find her in this new time? And if he finds her, will he be able to make her remember?
Embark on a journey with love, fun, friendship and some big scientific words.


1. Prologue

“Y-You can’t leave me like this. Not when I need you the most.” Brandon said as he saw the one he loved in his arms, slowing disappearing.

She chuckled a little and said, “And here I thought I took care of everything major. Now listen to me carefully. You have to find me. Make me remember about me, about us. Be patient with me, Oka? I know you can do it.” She cupped his face with her hands, bringing his face a little closer to her to see it one last time through her moist dark brown eyes.

“I-I love you Sylvia.”

“I love you too Brandon. W-when you find me, don’t right away explain to me, or make me remember. I know I will run away.”

“Find me.” Sylvia said her last words before she vaporized into thin air. Brandon was left there, crying.



“OH MY GOD!!” he woke up, breathless and sweaty. It was one of his nightmares. After staring at the ceiling for a couple of minutes, calming his breath, he got out of the bed towards his window looking down at the city skyline from above.

“I will find you Sylvia. I promise.” He sighed.

It had been 5 months since Sylvia disappeared. It is said that your actions affect others too. But in this case, what Sylvia did affect her timeline and created a new world in which she is not who she was. Brandon lost her and was doing everything in his power to find her. From contacting private agencies to stalking the internet finding her.

Will Brandon find her? Will he be able to make her remember?

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