Finding her

How would you feel when you finally admit your love for someone and they admit it back, only for time to mess up and take them away from you? Broken? Lost? Brandon, felt the same way and it didn’t help him that he was not in the same time, literally.
He set out to find the one he truly loves and was lost due to a rookie mistake, well according to her it was a rookie mistake.
Will he able to find her in this new time? And if he finds her, will he be able to make her remember?
Embark on a journey with love, fun, friendship and some big scientific words.


9. Chapter 8- Change Of Plans And Feeling Of Contents

All the color drained out of Nathan’s face. Nathan was our mutual friend and boyfriend of my best friend, Daphne. He let out a nervous laugh and replied/stammered, “Uh, N-no why would I? And how would I?”

“Oh really? Then may I know why I didn’t get  a heads up when Brandon was doing yet another prank on me?” I shouted the last sentence and people in the hallway paused and looked at us, as if we had grown 5 heads.

Nathan took my hand and rushed us into an empty class and locked it.

“Nathan, I’m not like other girls you know that right? If Daphne were to know this you know what she would do. Besides, I am not that type of a friend.” I said sitting on the teacher’s table with my legs dangling. He walked over to me and ran a hand in his hair.

“Ha ha, Syl. Please don’t do that oka? I didn’t tell you because me and her were on a date last night.” I opened my mouth to question but he beat me to it and said, “I know what you are thinking. We were video calling in a restaurants while eating.”

“Awww, you do love her. I’m proud of you son.” I said, patting his back as if behaving as a mother.

“Yes I do, Syl. How many times do I have to tell you about it?”

I ignored him and continued.

“And did you know about his plan?” he shook his head.

“Oka then.” I jumped from my seat and send him my most amazing smile and walked towards the door since the class was about to start.

“Um, You are not going to take revenge?”

“Oh, Nathan of course I will. Just tell him to keep his eyes, ears and nose open.” I said and made a bee-line to my locker before turning towards my class, only to get bumped by a hard wall. I seriously questioned our school’s architecture sometimes. Why would they build a wall in the middle of the hallway? And why does it smell so good? Walls can smell too? Arghh, my mind is going berserk.

“Going somewhere?” the wall asked. Walls can speak? I only thought they had ears. Wait a second, it isn’t a wall. It is-

“Brandon.” I gave him a sickly sweet smile and tried to go around him to reach my class, but like the bulldozer he is, he blocked my path yet again. So much for a happy morning.

“What do you want, Brandy?” I know he gets irritated at this name. And my guess was right as I saw his jaw clench at his nickname.

He lowered himself and came face to face with me. No, I am not that short just 2 inches shorter than him and he is 6 feet. He was right infront of me. His hot breath fanning my face and I stared in his chocolaty eyes.

Oka, first of, I have a confession. I kinda have a teeny-weeny crush on him. But it is very little since he did something to me once and I can’t ever forgive him for that. So, when he makes this kind of moves, my heart goes into overdrive and the sudden urge to just kiss him ignites into me. Moving on.

“Nothing Sylvia. Just checking in on you. Wouldn’t want anything happen to you when you have to stay with me over the break?” say what? That caught my attention real quick. I have stay with him. But why? Even my mother didn’t tell me about it today. I look into his eyes to check for any signs of this situation to be a joke, just to get me riled up. But all I could see was sincereness and another emotion flash across his brown orbs. But before I could comprehend what it was it went away. Then, I thought of an amazing thing. Since I will be living with him over the break, I can continue with my plan. That thought made a smile etch across my face. And his smile to falter.

“Can’t wait.” I said all giddy and giving his shoulders a hard pat and walking away.

Hahaha, he wouldn’t even now what hit him.


“Arghh.” I groaned in annoyance all the while rubbing my hand on my face, stretching it into an unpleasant look. I was currently in the cafeteria, with my other best friends Maxine and Cassie. We met quite tragically though.

There were some girls bulling another girl in the washroom and we both rushed to help her, together. We fought with them and immediately took the other girl out of that horrid place. We laughed together when we ran out the doors and introduced each other. Me and Maxine became best friends immediately, all the while comforting Cassie. She was very sensitive and very girly. Whereas, me and Maxine were quite alike. We both took some defense classes. We both loved study and we both were of the same height. What? Do you even know how hard it is to meet a girl who is 5’8”?

 So, Cassie is very excited for my stay at Brandon’s. That poor girl has a liking towards him. Eventhough, I keep feeding his not so good side to her. She has to know that he is mi- Umm, I mean, she has to know that he is not for her.

“Earth to Revenge town. What do you think Syl?” Maxine said, flicking at my forehead. That shit hurt. I gave her my best glare and she just laughed at it.

“Sorry, I don’t know what you said. Repeat please.”

“We said that you should totally do Brandon.” She sneered.

“Yeah-Uh, say what?” they both started laughing at me, like in a full on belly laugh and Maxine even fell from her seat, but her laughter didn’t subside. My cheeks heat up pretty quick, no doubt I was turning tomato. And as if God has said that today was Sylvia’s worst day ever, my eyes met Brandon and he winked at me before going back to talk to Nathan, on his table.

Ughh, no that action made me turn completely tomato. I stood up, grab my stuff and hid my face behind my hairs, which I was thankful wasn’t cut short, despite my protests. Now I know, why my mother wanted to keep my hair long. I started walking to the washroom, until my tomato phase subsided. When I reached there, I checked every stall and found them to be empty, which made me release my breath.

I checked my reflection in the mirror and sure enough I was red as a tomato. Did you notice how many times I said tomato? Oh well. I sighed and stood in silence, just trying to regulate my breathing just then I heard a commotion outside the girl’s washroom. Curious, as to what it was, I took a small step forward but the door burst open and in came Natasha, the college’s it  girl. Yeah, she was an ‘it’ girl, just give her clown hairs, you wouldn’t even need makeup, since her face was always caked in it. But she wasn’t alone. She was with- you guessed right- Brandon. They were full on making out and ignoring me.

I cleared my throat to get their attention and it did. Brandon’s and mine eyes met and I could see guilt and his cheeks turned slight pink. What was he guilty about? We weren’t together. But I couldn’t ignore the slight pain in my chest as I thought of him kissing a girl, but I soon brushed it off. It was meaningless that I acquire single feeling for him, except hate.

“Sorry, do you mind?” came her squeaky voice. That sure as hell hurt my poor ear drums.

“No, no. Continue like you were. Ignore me and continue.” I said and slipped from beside them. My shoulder brushed Brandon’s and I ignored the sparks it ignited. I cursed my heart to even speeding and walked out the door towards my car, not in the mood to continue my classes. Not that I needed. I knew most of the stuff they taught here. Perks of being insomniac.

I studied almost all my life. I couldn’t sleep so I took that as my advantage and studied ahead of me always. I came first in class always. And because of this ability, I skipped a few grades and was put into the same grade as Brandon. We were only 3 years apart.

I got into my car, put my seat belt on and rushed to the only one place in world where I can feel content.

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