Finding her

How would you feel when you finally admit your love for someone and they admit it back, only for time to mess up and take them away from you? Broken? Lost? Brandon, felt the same way and it didn’t help him that he was not in the same time, literally.
He set out to find the one he truly loves and was lost due to a rookie mistake, well according to her it was a rookie mistake.
Will he able to find her in this new time? And if he finds her, will he be able to make her remember?
Embark on a journey with love, fun, friendship and some big scientific words.


4. Chapter 3- Awkward Encounter And Best Friends

Ember’s POV

“So this friend of yours, what his is name?” a voice said, from my phone as I explained everything to him about my encounter with Brandon.

“For the last time love, Brandon. Now come to my house.” I shouted and ended the call.

I walked to my house with Alex by my side. I entered my penthouse, yeah penthouse. As I said earlier, my dad used to work in a chemical factory. He did his graduation in chemistry and after that chemical factory incident; he changed his job to help scientists and got promoted. And that’s how we made money.

As soon as I chained Alex, a knock came at my door and I knew it was him. My best friend Max. I opened the door and welcomed my brown haired buddy. His blue eyes, like mine, were already questioning me without any word. He made himself comfortable and raised his perfectly shaped eyebrows. Sometimes I wonder if he had pampered himself but when I ask him he always says that it is natural. Natural my ass.

“So…” he trailed off.

“Oka, don’t judge me. I’m not lying when I say that I really saw a vision of him and a girl. Please believe me.” I said, with a pleading look.

“Oka, I believe you.”

“Please, belie- wait what? You do, just like that?” I questioned.

“Yes, I do. Remember, you used to get dreams too sometimes, which you said were life-like as in you were the one experiencing it?” I nod.

He is right. I used to dream things like that. It didn’t make any sense at that time. I still get some and everytime they are different. In my childhood, they were frequent and at that time we couldn’t get any psychologist because we didn’t have any money. But with age, they started to slowly fade away. I don’t even remember when the last time I had a dream like that was.

“Now what do you want to wear tonight? Where is he taking you? Somewhere fancy or normal? Oh, and do you have a photo of him?” he said, bombarding with questions.

I just chuckled at his breathless state. And just as if on cue, my phone pinged. I checked it and it was from him.

Mystery man: Hey, just wanted to tell you that we are not going anywhere fancy so wear something comfortable.

Yes, I saved his under ‘Mystery Man’ because he is mysterious. There is something about him that I can’t put a finger on. I wish I could know. This feeling of not knowing is killing me.

Max took the phone out of my hands and read the message. “So, comfortable it is.” I snatched my phone from him and glared at him. He put his hands up in defeat and I chuckled.

“Let’s dress you up, Barbie.”



Brandon’s POV

I am so excited about my friendly date with Ember. Unfortunately, my excitement was soon short-lived since she texted me that I should text the address of the place we were going, and she would meet me there. I was disappointed was an understatement. I wanted to be with her every second of my left life. This wait for 5 months was enough for me. I couldn’t take it anymore. But I had to respect her decisions, even if it meant moving a road roller on my heart.

I arrived at the small yet cozy café at Brooklyn Street. I took a table and waited for her. I was checking my phone when I heard the bell of the door of the café rang and I saw her. Her blonde hairs were perfectly straight and her blue eyes were shining bright through her glasses. She was wearing casual clothes, a simple pink shirt with Maroon 5 on it and dark denim capris. Even though, in this simple attire, she was looking amazing.

The next thing I saw broke my heart. She was walking in with another man, who was wearing the same shirt as Ember, but in black and had light blue denims. I was fuming with anger. Ember has a boyfriend? Well, it looks like it since she was walking with him and held his hands. I was shattered. After all this time I thought that she was mine.

Thank you universe, for taking away the girl I love the most away from me, yet again. I love you.

I put on a blank face for her, so that she doesn’t find it too obvious that I’m not glad to see that man with her.

She saw me and her eyes light up. She made her way to me and I stood from my seat.

“Hey Brandon, nice to meet you again. Nice place you chose.” Ember said, extending her hands yet again.

“Nice to see you too, Ember. And thank you. It is my favorite place.” I replied.

She smiles and says, “Oh, I forgot. This is Max my-”

“Handsome and amazing gay best friend.” Max cut her.

Phew. I thought he was- never mind. I was wrong again. Sylvia always said not to judge a book by its cover and I did it again and to my own Sylvia. I should just jump off the bridge now.

“Nice to meet you too Max, I’m Brandon.” I shake his hands.

There is a weird expression on his face as if he is contemplating something.

“Have we met before? Because I think I might have seen you somewhere.” He asks.

Oh shit. Those freaking magazines, he must have seen me on one of its cover. I don’t know what I should do. I don’t want Ember to know about me yet. And what if she likes this side of me? Arghh, what am I supposed to do now?

Pfftt. How can that be? I’m sure you must have seen me on the streets somewhere. I’m very normal. Like super normal.” I say nervously and start to notice that I’m sweating. Oh shit.

“Right.” He extends the ‘I’ and says. I just hope he buys my excuse.

“Are you oka Brandon? You are sweating a lot?” Ember asks, placing one hand on my bicep. Yes, bicep. Screw me. As she does that, my breath hitches. Her small hands are holding my bicep. Oh my god. I think I forgot to breath. Oka Brandon, keep calm. You have done this before. Sylvia has touched you before.

I come back to reality when Ember shakes me.

 “Huh? Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. Just a bit hot I guess. I’ll just come back. You both get seated and order oka?” I say and before they could reply, I turn away towards the washroom.

Well, so much for not being awkward at all. Perfect first encounter. Yaayyyy. Not.

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