Finding her

How would you feel when you finally admit your love for someone and they admit it back, only for time to mess up and take them away from you? Broken? Lost? Brandon, felt the same way and it didn’t help him that he was not in the same time, literally.
He set out to find the one he truly loves and was lost due to a rookie mistake, well according to her it was a rookie mistake.
Will he able to find her in this new time? And if he finds her, will he be able to make her remember?
Embark on a journey with love, fun, friendship and some big scientific words.


13. Chapter 12- Pink Orchids And Calls

Unknown’s POV

“What do you mean they got away?” I yelled at my gang members and threw a glass vase on the wall opposite me, a slight distance between my projectile and another member. They all shuddered at my response. I have been planning this for over one year now and today I got the perfect opportunity but these imbeciles blew it.

“B-Boss, we are sorry. Please, give us one more chance to prove ourselves I promise we won’t disappoint this time and bring back results.” My left in command and my brother stuttered. It is quite funny that he is four years older than me and still is scared of me.

I pinched the bridge of my nose in annoyance, knowing full well they this wasn’t the first time they were asking for a second chance. “No Daniel, I will do this now. I want all of the reinforcements here in the next hour. Find their location and fast. This time we barely got a hold of them. Sylvia is very clever, I tell you. Always bouncing our signals, but with the help of that tracker on her car, we found that place only for you people to mess up and for them to run away.” I yell again. Living with these men have made me yell a lot and I have started to loose my voice bit by bit.

I wish I had my mom right now. She would always now what to say, but if she was here then I didn’t have to build up a gang and wouldn’t betray Sylvia. But desperate times leads to desperate measures.

“Y-yes Ma’am, we will get to it right away.” With that Daniel scattered along with the rest of the members. I would have laughed at his behavior if I wasn’t fuming with anger.

 Oh shit, I almost forgot. I quickly rush my way out of the secret hideout and make my way to the cemetery. On the way, I buy some flowers, pink orchids to be exact, she loved them.

When I reached there, it was five minutes past five and the cemetery was empty. I soon found the grave which I visit every day since her cremation.

“Hi, mom. I am sorry I am late. With all the stuff that is going on, I lost track of time.” I say and put down the flowers on her tomb. Eva Silvester, said the gravestone, with her birthyear and death year, 1980-2015. I sit down near her.

“I am one step closer to you now. Just a little wait more mother and then I will correct my mistakes, I promise. Oh and Daniel is still scared of me. He stills treats me as a broken doll. I guess the way I have been without you have made me so.” I chuckle dryly and continue to fill her in on my day.

What seems like mere minutes, turned out to be hours, when I decided to leave my mother’s gravestone. The night was cold like my heart. I soon travelled home and saw Daniel cooking dinner.

“Hmm, smells nice. What are you making?” I asked, taking a big whiff of the rich scent.

“Mother’s special grilled chicken. Remember how you used to beg for it and always fit with me for more pieces?” he asked and smiled sadly at me. His eyes seemed distant as if he was remembering something about our happy little family. I too returned his sad smile with one of my own. I really miss her, and it doesn’t help that I am a splitting image of her. We have the same blonde hairs and blue eyes. When she was alive, people thought we were sisters. But now those same people hold sympathy for me and my brother. I hate when people still come up to us and pay us their condolences. This only showed that my mother had such a great impact on other people and I would be lying if I said it didn’t affect me one bit. I always wanted to be like her, but before she could teach me her ways she died or as I call it, murdered.

She was a leader of a big NGO company and people came to her with their problems. Not one of them went from our house empty handed. That is why she was killed. She was a threat to major businesses so they planned her death and showed it as if it was a car accident. We filed a case against them, but they got out with the power of money. It is funny though why does the bad people have to be influential always, why can’t for once good win?

I didn’t even notice I blacked out in my thoughts again and only got back when Daniel was about to steal one of my chicken piece, probably thinking I wouldn’t notice. I quickly pick up the wooden spatula from its secret hiding place under the counter and hit his hand with it.

“Ow, why do you have to be so violent, girl? I am a growing man, I need these carbs. And how the hell you only notice when I am about to steal your food? Are you a secret ninja?” He exclaimed, and I knew he was fighting his smile, just like old times. I laugh and he joins me and soon the night which was once gloomy and sad, was filled with laughter and happiness.

Sylvia’s POV

I open my eyes to look at Brandon’s reaction. His eyes are squinted, indicating he is thinking. His forehead has creases and I would give anything to reach over and release them from his beautiful face. Wait what? I did not just think that. Ughh, Get a grip, girl.

“What are you making it for?” he breaks the silence between us and that is when I notice I was staring at him, probably burning a hole where his brain is supposed to be.

“Um, it is kind of personal.” I say averting my gaze and fidgeting with my fingers, a nervous habit of mine. He notices my nervousness and just nods and smiles. Soon the tunnel comes to an end and a call from Cassie comes, probably worried since we haven’t seen each other for 4 day now.

“Hey Cassie.”

“Oh god Syl, you scared the crap out of me. Where the hell were you? You didn’t attend any of your classes and me and Max were worried about you.” She rambled off.

“Where to now?” Brandon interrupts me.

“Home, idiot.” I hiss.

“Who was that?” Cassie asks on the phone. Whoops.

“Umm, just the driver. I am travelling to, uh, with my parents for emergency shopping. You know the usual.” I laugh nervously, hopefully she wouldn’t catch it.

“Uh-huh, and you called him idiot because…” she probes me on.

“Um, we are very close. He is my old driver. Always has been with me. Haha.”

“Oka. Well, why haven’t called me or Max?” Double shit.

“So sorry Cass, I was just, uh, stuck with some family work. Had to go home immediately. Sorry I didn’t call and said goodbye.” I say and glance and Brandon who was holding his laughter by biting his knuckles. I glared at him and he sobered up instantly.

“But weren’t you supposed to go to Brandon’s house?” she questions. Triple shit.

“Uh, yeah I have to go to him. My parents are just leaving today so I will go to his house. Oh wait, they are calling me. Coming mom and dad. Got to go. Bye.” I say quickly and hang up the phone. Phew, quick save Sylvia. By now, whole car was filled with the obnoxious sound of Brandon’s laugh. The nerve of this guy.

Ohh, but I have some big surprise planned in my head for him. I still have to avenge my lost time that day. This will be good, I say in my mind while mentally rubbing my palms with a wicked grin on my face.

He hear someone audibly gulp beside with and that is when I notice that I actually have a wicked grin on my face.

“Oh shit, this can’t be good. I am so sorry Sylvia. I promise I won’t do anything ever again.” He pleads and it looks like he is about to cry. I just smile sweetly at him and put the directions for his house in the GPS. All the way there, he was being the annoying man he is. I wonder what would I give to get away from him.

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