Finding her

How would you feel when you finally admit your love for someone and they admit it back, only for time to mess up and take them away from you? Broken? Lost? Brandon, felt the same way and it didn’t help him that he was not in the same time, literally.
He set out to find the one he truly loves and was lost due to a rookie mistake, well according to her it was a rookie mistake.
Will he able to find her in this new time? And if he finds her, will he be able to make her remember?
Embark on a journey with love, fun, friendship and some big scientific words.


11. Chapter 10- Strange Jobs And Confessions

Oh god. This can’t be happening, not when Brandon is here.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I whisper yell and step out on the foyer and close the door behind me, so that Brandon can neither see him nor hear our conversation. I eye the man standing infront of me in his brown over coat, a scarf around his neck and dark blue jeans. He has nice and magnetic green eyes and very well-defined jaw. He is no doubt a playboy and gets all the attention in the room because of his demanding attitude. He is smirking at me.

 Now, before all of you start to throw tantrums at me and judge that I do some shady things, I don’t actually. He is the next-in-line for the throne of the biggest tech company in Canada, Tacky Tech. I know the name doesn’t sound alluring, but believe me when I say, they are tacky in business. Get it? Tacky? No? Oh well...

He laughs at me reaction and observes my expressions, “Now is that a way to treat your future boss? And are you hiding someone from me? Is it a boy?”

I scowl at him. He maybe 27 but he acts like a 15 year girl, who loves to gossip.

“You ain’t my boss yet, Sammy, so you don’t have anything on me and never will. And yes, I am and it is a boy, but it isn’t what you thinking. He doesn’t and won’t know about my working and projects.” I said with a pointed look. I can scold him all I want because we are that comfortable with each other.

Actually, we met a year ago. I interviewed for an internship in their company, but they rejected me because of my age but Sammy or Samuel, here saw my potential and talked me into working for him on the side, with mechanics and codings. I must say it is a different experience to have outside of what they teach you in classes. He also funds my researches and other projects for which I am grateful off. He also helped me build my secret lab. Since that meeting we became close friends and he became the big brother I never had.

“Aww, my Sylvie finally getting a boyfriend. Why didn’t you tell me? Does he treat you well? If he doesn’t you know where to find me.” His mood changed from playful to anger and he growled under his breath. I just love him so much for this protective side of him.

“Aww, my sweet Sammy,” I pinched both of his cheeks and he swatted my hands sending me a mock glare, “I didn’t know you loved me so much. But no he is not my boyfriend. He is Brandon.”

His mouth forms an ‘O’. I told him about all Brandon. Our past, my liking towards him and our pranks. Most of the time he helps me in the pranks and I have to agree to disagree that he is actually good at planning them. But I shouldn’t have any doubts since he is the youngest in his family and he should be experienced in these things.

“Brandon as in Brandy Brandon?” I nod and just then the front door opens and out steps Brandon.

Oh shit.” I mutter for only Sammy to hear. His eyes goes to me and then to him and become wide with shock.

Brandon looks at both of us, contemplating and questioning his presence. Then he extends his hands for Sammy to shake and says, “Hi, I’m Brandon. I don’t think we have met.”

“ I know who you are. I’m Samuel and no we haven’t.” he said with an awkward chuckle and withdraws his hands almost immediately.

“How did you know about me?” he asks.

“Oh, Sylvia always talk about you. How you look and OWW.” Sammy screamed like a girl when I stomped my foot over his, deliberately. Brandon had a smug smile on his face no doubt liking the fact that I talked about him.

“So, how do you two know each other?” Brandon points between us. I get nervous and start to laugh. Whenever I am feeling nervous or sad I laugh. It is a defense mechanism of my mind. They both are now giving me weird looks. I opened my eyes to look at both of them and Sammy had a sinister smirk on his face. Uh-oh something doesn’t look good.

“Um, actually she is my girlfriend.” He said and pulled me to him by my waist. Me and Brandon stood there shocked. Oh this man, I will kill him when we get alone.

“Samuel, what are you saying we are not toget-” he just laughed loudly and cut me off. And when I saw what he was laughing at, I also had to control it. Brandon’s expression was priceless. His face was a mixture of emotions, shock, anger and hurt, evident.

“Sorry man just kidding. She is my sister.” Samuel said, barely controlling his laugh. Brandon looked relieved at his statement but then his face morphed into confusion. I know why. But before he could say anything to me I gave him a look to say not now and he shut his mouth.

“I should get going now,” Sammy gave a curt nod to Brandon, who returned it, “And you, I want it done by tomorrow.” He points to me and kisses my cheeks and rushes off to his car. I turn and rush into my house, already dreading the interrogation coming from him.

“So, he seemed nice.” He said awkwardly, rubbing his neck. “But I don’t remember any big brother you had.”

“He is not my real brother. I just met him once and we have been in a brother-sister relationship from then on.

He slowly nodded and opened his mouth to speak something but hesitated and shut it. I walked over to him to check his temperature.

“Oh god, Brandon. You are burning. Shit. I told you not to come downstairs. Can’t you atleast listen to me once?” I glared at him and dragged him into my room and told him to get himself comfortable. He just had a stupid smile on his face the entire time I took care for him.

Soon, night rolled out and we were about to sleep. I went into my room and saw that he was still sleeping. I pressed my hand against his forehead again and it was less hot than before. I exhaled and was about to go away when he held my hand in his and tugged at it, causing me to fall on the bed beside him. He had his back to me and my arm draped over his waist. I tried taking it out of his hold, but he had none of it and just pulled me closer. I just sighed before making myself comfortable around him. He was so warm. I felt my eyes droop from exhaustion and soon let sleep surround me. And let me tell you it was one of the best sleep I ever had. I didn’t have to take any pills, just him and his warmth. 


Brandon’s POV

“Where the hell are you taking me?” I yelled again, for the hundredth time at Sylvia. She had wrapped a black cloth around my eyes. When we woke up today I found her in my arms. Her face fully squished between my arms and her small arms were wrapped around my waist. She looked so beautiful like this. No lines of worries, just peace and content. I savored every moment as we lay in each others arms because I didn’t know when we would be like this again.

I really love her. Yes, I love her. I have been in love with he when she came into my class in high school. Sure, she skipped a few classes but I didn’t find anyone as alluring, intelligent and sassy girl in my whole life. I know what you are thinking. Why I kissed that girl? I can’t even remember her name and when Sylvia left abruptly from her table that day, I went to seek her out. Even though I would be the last person she would want comfort from, but I really wanted to check if she was alright, even from afar. As I was following her I was halted in my steps by that girl. No doubt that she was pretty, but I had my eyes set on someone else. I barely registered anything she said and briefly nodded and she started kissing me and took me in the washroom.

And the rest is history. Fast forward to today, I felt her stir beside me as I was practically drooling on her. She was wearing a shirt and long pajamas, which looked so cute on her. She was about to wake up and I shut my eyes and pretended to sleep. A few moments later her small hands trailed my cheeks and she sighed and whispered, “How the hell did I sleep with you like this? You know I have insomnia, yet I slept. I hate you.” She huffed and tried to break from my steel grip. But I tightened my arms intentionally. After sometime, I loosened my hold and she got out. When she left I opened my eyes and smiled. I annoy and rile her up so that she will notice me and I will have all of her attention to me. I’m a sucker for her attention.

 When we both did our morning business and we were having lunch, I thought crossed my mind.

“Sylvia? That guy said something about some work you had to do. What is it?”

She tensed infront of me and was about to lie, but when she looked at me and say my intense gaze she just sighed, her shoulder sagged and said, “Get ready in half an hour and I will show you.”

So here we are, in her car, going to an unknown destination.

“Are you sure you are not going to kill me?” I asked for the last time.

 She just laughed and the car stopped. My heart started to beat faster at the anticipation of what was to come next. She opened my car door and held my hand and pulled me out of the car almost making my fall. She snickered from behind. She again held my hand and I couldn’t ignore the warm feeling that rushed inside my body and strange sparks triggered inside of me. I don’t know is she was experiencing it too. Soon, we stopped again and there was a swishing sound, probably from opening the door.

“Oka, Brandy, you can open your blindfold.” She sounded a little far away, but soon I complied.

My eyes took a minute to adjust to the light but when I regained focus just one word left my mouth, “Woah.”

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