Broken Kiss

Marinette is a part of the most popular clique at her high school, but disapproves of the other girls’ cruel behavior. When Marinette and her new boyfriend, Adrien, confront clique leader Chloe Bourgeois and accidentally poison her, they make it appear a suicide. Soon Marinette realized that Adrien is intentionally killing students he does not like. (Heathers AU)


1. Chapter 1

Marinette Dupain-Chang, a sullen seventeen year old beauty, lied atop her bed dressed in a chic but understated ensemble, her eyes glazed open in a morning reverie. She blew up at her bangs and slid off her bed, getting ready for school.

"Chloe told me she teaches people Real Life. She said Real Life sucks Losers dry. If you want to fuck with the eagles, you have to learn to fly.

Marinette stood at the outskirts of the cafeteria and continued writing in her diary. "I said so you teach people how to spread their wings and fly. She said Yes. I said You're Beautiful."

"God, come on Marinette!"

Marinette coolly pops the cap back on her pen before angrily addressing the amusingly robust, conventionally beautiful, trendily coiffed Sabrina Raincomprix.

"What's your damage, Sabrina? You ruined my..."

"God, I'm so sure. Don't blame me, blame Chloe. She told me to haul your ass into the caf pronto. Back me up, Lila."

From behind Lila emerges a similarly trendily accessorized but noticeably more inhibited waif, Lila Rossi. She is clutching a tattered copy of Moby Dick"

"Yeah, she really wants to talk to you."

"Okay, I'm going, I'm going. Jesus..."

Marinette, flanked by Sabrina and Lila, stride into the lunchroom pandemonium.

The stunning Chloe Bourgeois turns from the tray before her toward her incoming comrades. She is dressed stylishly and expensively but not trendily; her hair, dramatically tied back.

"Hello, Chloe." Marinette said, submissively.

Pulling out a crumpled piece of yellow paper, Chloe smiles. The content of what Chloe says is

consistently offensive but the tone in which she speaks is sexy, dangerous, and mysterious; She is a mythic bitch.

"Marinette. Finally. Got a paper of Kim's. I need you to forge a hot and horny but realistically low-key note in Kim's handwriting and we'll slip it into Becky's lunch tray.

"Shit, Chloe. I don't have anything against Becky."

"You don't have anything for her either. Come on, it'll be Very. The note'll give her shower nozzle masturbation material for weeks."

"I'll think about it." Marinette said, unsure .

"Don't think.

Unattractive and quite overweight, Becky Dunstock guiltily plops two jellos on her tray and clunks forward in line.

Marinette's arm, seemingly involuntary, latches onto the outstretched pen.

"Splendid." Said Chloe, "I'll dictate. Marinette needs something to write on, bend over."

Both Sabrina and Lila bend over.Chloe violently laughs.

"How nice. Two assholes: no waiting." Sabrina and Lila stand erect, embarrassed. "Lila, back down."

Marinette scurries to the contorting Lila as Chloe begins dictating what to write.

"Dear Becky, you're so sweet.."

At the jock's table, the traditionally handsome Kim and the massive Ivan sit with other typical Jocks taking in Marinette, Lila, Sabrina, and Chloe.

"It'd be so righteous to be in a Marinette-Chloe sandwich. Punch it in, Ivan." Kim and Ivan raise their right arms and slam their fists together.

"Hell yes. I wanna set Chloe on my Johnson and just start spinning her like a fucking pinwheel." Ivan said while making a frantic spinning motion.

In slow motion, Marinette finished the note and rose up along with her makeshift desk.

Sabrina hawkishly gazes toward the cafeteria line while Marinette hands the note to an impressed Chloe. Becky pays the cashier and then, grasping her lunch tray with both hands, moves toward the girls.

Sabrina excitedly tugs on Chloe's arm as Becky approaches. With a tranquil smile, Chloe passes the note to her frantic disciple. In a self-consciously clandestine manner, Sabrina saunters past Becky then wields around to sneakily tuck the note onto the tray.

Their plump victim shuffle past a magnetic preppie Nathaniel and a thin, black, bespectacled Max. The guys are working a large stand which has a cashbox reading THE FOODLESS FUND and a banner reading FRANÇOIS DUPONT FEEDS THE WORLD.

"Come on people, let's give that leftover lunch money to people without lunches!" Said Nathaniel, "Those tater tots you threw away today are a delicacy in Africa! They're Thanksgiving dinner!"

The Girls reach their table with Sabrina and Lila sitting themselves down first. Looking at the stand, Sabrina says, "God, aren't they fed yet? Do they even have Thanksgiving in Africa?"

"Oh sure, Pilgrims, Indians, tater tots; it's a real party continent." Said Marinette, her voice dripping in sarcasm

Chloe draws up a clipboard. "Dupain-Cheng. Guess what today is?"

"Ouch...the lunchtime poll. So what's the question?"

"Yeah, so what's the question Chloe?" Said Lila, intrigued.

"God-damn Lila, you were with me in Study Hall when I thought of it. Such a pillowcase."

"I forgot." Lila said, looking down.

Marinette and Chloe briskly bop away from the table as a wounded Lila retreats to Moby Dick.

"Hey, this question wouldn't be that bizarro thing you were babbling about over the phone last..." Marinette wearily said.

"Shut up, it is. I told Max if he gave me another topic that was political, I'd spew burrito chunks."

Marinette shakes her head and looks off. She's suddenly captured by the sight of a James Deanesque guy sitting stark in a long, tan gunslinger coat, behind a Rebel Without a Cause lunchbox. They make eye contact.

Transfixed, Marinette crashes into seated Alya Césaire, a slightly overweight, unstylishly dressed sweetie surrounded by clones.

"Sorry Marinette."

"Alya. Gosh..." Marinette said crouching down, embarrassed and rueful. "I'm really sorry I couldn't make it to your birthday party last month."

"That's okay." Alya said truthfully. "Your Mom said you had a big date. Heck, I'd probably skip my own birthday party for a date."

Marinette gently laughs at Alya's innocent awe. "Don't say that."

"Oh Mari, you have to look at what I dug up the other day." Alya said pulling from her purse a picture showing both girls at a younger age, arm-in-arm, dressed in Halloween costumes: Alya is an angel, Marinette is a witch.

Marinette glowed at the photo until Chloe towed her away causing the picture to fall face up on the floor.

"I was talking with someone!"

"Color me impressed. I thought you grew out of Alya Césaire."

A coolly coed cabal of Country Club Kids icily eye the approaching Marinette and Chloe. Country Club kid Alix sourly speaks out, "Oh great. Here comes Chloe."

"Shit." Said Keith, a boy at the table.

Meanwhile, alone at a table in the Siberia of the cafeteria, Becky finishes a forkful of chicken. She spears her plate again and brings the fork up. The note is wedged inside it.

Chloe, Marinette in tow, hits the Country Club Kids with a salvo of false pleasantness, capped by a scowling smile.

"Hi Alix. Love your blouse. Ooh, let me snare a tater."

Alix expresses elation in spite of herself as Chloe delicately takes a tot and turns around to face Marinette. She inserts her finger in her mouth doing the "induce-vomiting" signal before devouring the tot and turning back around.

"Thanks. I just got it last night at the Limited. Totally blew my allowance."

Chloe raises her clipboard. Marinette closes her eyes and shakes her head with a half-smile.

"That's pretty very. Now check this out. You win five million dollars from Publishers Sweepstakes, but on the same day what's-his-face gives you the check, aliens land on earth and say they're going to blow up the world in two days. What would you do?"

A stunned tableau; until Country Club Kid Keith speaks, "That's easy. I'd just slide that wad over to my father. He's like one of the top brokers in the state."

"Wake up. In two days, Earth's going up like a Roman Candle. Crab Nebula City." Marinette said, unsure of where he was going.

"Man, in two days, my dad could double my money. Triple it."

"If I got that money," Alix began saying. "I'd give it all to the Homeless. Every cent."

"You're beautiful." Marinette said, in awe.

Nathaniel reaches into the Foodless Fund Box and takes some dollar bills. "Max, my man, run over to Mickey D.'s and get me a Big Mac and some fries."

"But that's the Foodless Fund money."

"Hey, even Bob Geldof's got to eat. If it makes you feel better, bag the fries, and nab yourself an Apple Pie."

"If you're going to openly be a bitch..." Chloe said, dragging Marinette down a cafeteria lane.

"I'm sorry, it's just why can't we talk to different kinds of people?" Marinette said, submissively.

"Fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Do I look like Mother Theresa? If I did, I probably wouldn't mind talking to the Geek Squad." She said pointing to a table of unfashionably dressed and coiffed students. Some wear glasses, some wear braces, some wear both. The geeks react to being pointed at. Their boney leader Rodney splatters milk over himself.

"Did you see that? Chloe looked right at us."

"It must be love." Another geek replied, eyes wide open.

"Doesn't it bother you that everyone in the school thinks you're a piranha?" Said Marinette confronting Chloe

"Like I give a shit. They all want me, as a friend or a fuck. I'm worshipped at François DuPont and I'm only a Junior."

"Pretend you're a missionary saving a colony of cootie victims."

"Whatever." Said Chloe, giving in. "I don't believe this. We're going to a party at Remington University tonight and we're brushing up our conversation skills with the scum of the school.

The nervous geeks fidget and roughhouse each other in an involuntarily immature reaction to their beautiful interviewers.

"No seriously, I'd probably go to Egypt. With a girl." Answered one with braces.

"Taking a hooker to the Pyramids on the last day of Mankind. You sentimental old fart.

"Geez, forget it."

"What about you Rodney?" Marinette asked.

"I told you she knew my name." He said quietly to the others. He then turned back to Marinette, "I'd change my life. New clothes. New haircut. New house. New home."

"How sad! Blowing all your cash on two days of trying to be hip." Said Chloe eyeing Rodney.

Marinette tugged Chloe away from the table.

"If you're going to openly be a bitch..." Marinette began saying.

As Chloe continues to guffaw, Marinette again catches sight of the James Deanesque guy. He wraps his fingers around an egg and unfolds them back. The egg is gone. He smiles and Marinette smiles back.

Her trance is broken by a boisterous Sabrina and Lila who careen into the two pollsters.

"God, scan on Becky." Said Sabrina nodding towards the table.

Becky looks up from the note to the jocks' table and Kim, then flustered, back down at the note.

"This is the part I hate. The waiting. I'd say we're like twenty minutes from major humiliation. Come on, Marinette."

Chloe floats off as a disturbed Marinette takes a moment to react.


Marinette follows the leader as she calls out, "Damn.."

Marinette and Chloe continue their conversation chugging through another busy cafeteria lane.

"Just imagine somebody like your quasi-fat, goody-good friend Alya Césaire doing a Crest commercial. No one would buy Crest."

"Don't tell me. Crest would be stained with loserness."

"Yeah, and who wants that on their teeth?"

Sabrina and Lila burst back between them. "Oh God, here we go..."

Becky, with awkward apprehension, stumbles toward Kim and the jocks. Marinette and the other girls stop breathing.

Becky mumbles something unintelligible from where the girls stand. Kim's head detonates with a terrifying cackle. Becky flees the cafeteria in horror. Marinette spins away from her mirthful friends in disgust and makes eye contact with the similarly disturbed James Deanesque guy.

Marinette lurches away. She brakes against the Foodless Fund stand where Nathaniel is hollering away.

"A dime increases the time! A buck brings good luck! Hi Marinette. A five keeps the neighborhood alive! A ten and you die without sen!"

Chloe wings a twenty dollar bill into the cashbox. She turned to Marinette, "You wanted to become a member of the most powerful clique in the school. If I wasn't already the head of it, I'd want the same thing."

"I'm sorry? What are you oozing about?" Marinette said turning to Chloe.

"That episode with the note back there was for all of us to enjoy, but you seem determined to ruin my day."

"We made a girl want to consider suicide. What a scream. What a jest."

"Come on you jerk. You know you used to have a sense of humor." Chloe said shaking her head.

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