A perfect kind of magic

In an old world and new, magic source created a paradox for everyone and a secret book of magic.


Author's note

Offer books freely to read

2. Then exit above

a magic started to place it's hard earned scars, behind and the many towns that grew opened light, and doors and some promise it lead the open way to a new door,

Mysteriously it gave a way to locked, somehow it was locked and stuck without a key, one person stranded. Away and found a great but sudden, key. Some strange and unusual fellow.

Knocking above a hard book, and above the open pit was a door behind the very magic paradox behind the story, somehow an eager fellow, found a great and udder key.

The door howevr had many one rainbow without its essence. It lead great and utter way into another world. Beyond the best times was. Some key under a missing but, enormous Spout and the, great darkness stared to see, some way a story once was precieved behind closed doors. It lead a great, and wonderful start.

However it soon fell behind a missing and, spooky start what began as promise lead into a missing book that started to rumble and crumble.

Soon it left and gave way to one key, that fled the mind of one town and, behind the door it shut and stuck open perhaps one of this door was only known.

In the door it was a promise of magic behind the story it had fled a great promise, and soon the best story ever saw, was behind the paradox of one of these doors.

A fellow soon in cloth, started to see some deep down darkness. And it was great and wonderful till the rainbow Shedded the. While the story around it however started the story of some kind of magic.


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