A perfect kind of magic

In an old world and new, magic source created a paradox for everyone and a secret book of magic.


Author's note

Offer books freely to read

3. One door one key the story ten chapters

thee, sudden open door came to a sudden, enlighten house behind a wooded and shut mysteruous thing, a key lay flat across, and suddenly a great house of towns and people gave way, to a poem in silence, a stred of town now had new meaning.

The only wish behind the story strated to not come forth, the imagination took hold and one girl found a confused, mystery ahead she forgot her own belongings and, became unaware.

As soon as the magic she once saw in a distant land became nothing but just another dream, it lay somehow it was deeper, behind that. It hadone and nothing, unknown as if her past, was empty and sad.

In the ️️true light of her unknown past story or just unfamiliar awakenings lay the magic, book, that once had a magnificiant untold story.

Somehow the many and deep magic hats, and magic she once loved and saw as tricks and dear magic became a mystery beyond a search in an old town and, wonderful heart oof the door she once belonged.

Suddenly the deep down paradox lay mysterious as the magic that once was in the door that locked. Somehow a world outside was waiting for her imagination to bring great and wonderful, books stories and great told past and future meaning. 

The hunt for a book was in a mystery inside, the weary eyes, of a book was somehow in a story beyond the missing, clue, howevre the lonely sap of the woods had lead a town of one ️️true journey to, find the ever present of one ️️true magic.

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