A perfect kind of magic

In an old world and new, magic source created a paradox for everyone and a secret book of magic.


Author's note

Offer books freely to read

1. One day a secret flew

it wasn't the type of story that, was perfect but, rather it meant a real,but imperfect way.

Some beloved that one day things would be just perfect, but only nothing happened.

It calmed many, it taught many but it left an new, secret the only way. A old book passed the times of all creations but the Magic that left promised more then just a usual way.

Suddenly a calm stroke of rainbows flew passed a harbor and taught the old works and, stories of new and great fascinating lessons. A story finally came but, in the way taught that a missing book coudnt help but, wonder his book had started. The magic it had and the fiery and seas. The only thing that came in the one story mixed a rainbow that once stood clear through and gave an open river. Some say the river was just there ahead of a mixed paradox.

Suddenly a greater story arose and a town started growing and pass flew just above the middle.

Suddenly a great story of poems started to bring an open but, great time to an old place past the new harbor a rainbow saw. Some magic that flew the great way. In a story the new and great town had more and missed branches. It found a old past, beyond the times.

However what was more and more, amazing was the new and exciting place ahead a ️️secret time And, it rolled out of a book, suddenly something's strated to make sense.

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