The story of My life

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  • Published: 29 Jun 2018
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2018
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What's the point OF FRIENDS? The question i been asking myself!




 What is the point of having friends, making friends, keeping the friend you made? If you're like me and my family….. you probably think this too. Ya, I am a Military family but most of the times I don’t move because of the military. 
 But know I have found my place. Where I fit in, I can be myself, and have my education in my hands for once.  I love it. But let’s start at the beginning of the story.

    I First move to Henry county in 2013. The school was Woodland and to this day I still have friends there. Unfortunately, our rent money got lost in the mail. A week later,  he told us to get out! The next house was out of distract in my 5-grade year before Middle school.  I was sent to a Daycare to get me to and from school. Everybody there talked to me like I was a Five year old. Then we found another house in Woodland and was really good. Instead of celebrating my birthday we were in the other house cleaning. But it ended up being worth it.  I got my own room finally, ….. after many years sharing with my little sister, Yessssss! No more going to that daycare! YESSSSSSS.         After about a year,   they was a flooding in the basement and the landlord would n’t get it fixed. The flooding in the basement, the crime in the around us, and the education. Were all so bad that We moved to the Union Grove school district.  My sister & I room was so small, we had to get 2 loft beds to have room for other stuff we had. That was okay, for 7 grade, but I wanted to get more of my education. Basely take my education and put in in my hands. That when I FOUND IMPACT.  Impact is an online program where you can go in for help. Everyone they cares about their future and their learning. I bagged and bagged my parents to sign me up. Later after discussing the reason for and against they sign me up. YES. I enjoyed every minute that I  am there. Then a tragedy happened in September of 2017 a tree hit my house. We then move to another place out of district.  I get driven to Union Grove high then I ride a bus to impact some days. I really like the house and everything. Sister and I have room/garage that’s really big. We made two rooms by placing a divider in the middle. I LOVE it here where I am located. Nowhere else but here. 


 One thing I hate is being a kid, having to move with their parents everywhere they go. All because you're too young to take care of yourself. WHY!! Having to move somewhere you don’t want to. The rent is too high at this place. We didn't have a lot of money to do things like going to movies, eat out or even spend time as a family anymore. Mom and Dad went back to college got certified for different things. Ya, that great, mom and dad. The money doesn’t pay much here for dad. He could make a lot more in other states. So dad started to apply to jobs in Florida. After a few months, they was a job offer to him in Florida. Ya I know I should be happy but my friends, my school. I didn’t want him to take that job but he did! 
      So do you see what I Mean know about making friends? It’s not worth it in the end. The one place I was allowed to be myself without having to worry if I will not be accepted! My friend I’d had since I was in 4th grade will no longer be with me. I’ll have to move to Florida, away from everyone.
I have to start all the way over! I can’t do that again. So what’s the point anyway?

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