can't even tell ➸ view askew

" when a girl falls for a junkie and a clerk. "

- 「 i do not own any of the view askewniverse characters,
all rights go to the legendary kevin smith. 」

- 「 lower case is intentional. 」


1. why are you thinking of me?

"i don't understand why we haven't gotten a restraining order on those junkies yet." randal uttered, flipping through the pages of that days newspaper. "all they ever do is fucking annoy people." dante added, while ringing up a quickstop customer, "even if we were to, they'd be back here the next day." they simultaneously turned their heads to the window, looking at said junkies; jay and silent bob.


"what's up sluts!" jay called to a couple of girls walking past. "tonight, i'm gonna fuck both of them silent bob, just watch." silent bob continued to smoke his cigarette while jay moved erratically, calling out to random people and asking if they wanted to buy drugs.


it was near closing-time for the quick stop, dante ringing up the last customer. randal sat behind the counter, flipping through one of the many racy magazines. a girl poked her head into the quick stop and asked, "do you know if the video store is open?" without looking up from the magazine, randal responded, "maybe if you read the fucking door you'd see what time it closes and opens." dante shrugged at the girl, giving her a somewhat sympathetic look. she huffed and stormed into the building, stopping right in front of randal. "on the fucking door it says closing time is 10 o'clock pm. it's a quarter 'til. so why is the fucking door locked?" randal and dante exchanged looks of surprise, randal sighing loudly and getting up to go help the fierce customer.


as the girl searched for her desired movie, randal stood behind the counter of the video store and waited impatiently. he looked her up and down and he had to admit, she did have a pretty nice figure. she walked up to the counter, putting the vhs down and pulling out money to rent it. "empire strikes back? never thought of you to be a star wars fan." randal commented, taking the money and putting it in the register. "why are you thinking of me in the first place?" she snapped and grabbed the movie, walking out of the store. he watched as she walked out, and heard jay asking if she wanted to fuck or something of the sort. 

"what a bitch."

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