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" when a girl falls for a junkie and a clerk. "

- 「 i do not own any of the view askewniverse characters,
all rights go to the legendary kevin smith. 」

- 「 lower case is intentional. 」


6. that guy?!

it had been about a week since renée's encounter with jay and silent bob, and for some reason, it's all that had been running through her mind. first it was randal, and now it's that junkie jay. there's got to be something seriously wrong with me, she thought. she finished ringing up the customer that was giving her odd looks - it's not like she noticed - and sighed loudly once the lady was out of the door. "are you okay renée?" brandi asked, leaning on the counter. thankfully the two worked together, renée was sure she wasn't going to make it through these days if it weren't for brandi, seriously. "why do i have to fall for guys so easily?" she said, looking over brandi's head at nothing in particular and resting her chin on her hand. "because you're lonely and desperate and every man that breathes in your direction suddenly owns your heart?" brandi suggested, laughing at the glare renée gave her. "i'm serious! first it was stupid video store clerk randal, and now it's-" brandi cut renée off, "the stoner junkie that hangs out in front of the video store!" renée stayed quiet, brandi feeling a bit bad for the description of jay she gave, although it wasn't very off.


the two girls' ended their shifts early, but it's not necessarily as if the boss would care, since they never knew where he was anyways. "so what are we doing tonight? laying in bed and overthinking feelings is not an option." brandi said with happy spirit, linking her right arm with renée's left. "we can rent a movie." renée suggested in a monotone voice. "at choice video." she added quickly. "but that's completely out of the way. rst video -" brandi stopped talking at the sudden realization. "i'll go and rent the dvd, you can stay home." renée shook her head, "it's dark right now and i don't want to have you go buy yourself. you know how many creeps there are around here." she knew seeing either randal or jay would just spark something within her, but brandi was her best friend. she'll just have to suck it up and go.


they arrived at the video store, jay and silent bob nowhere in sight. thankfully. brandi tried to open the door to the video store, which happened to be locked - no surprise. "it's not closed is it?" she asked, renée walking off to the quickstop and peaking her head inside, somewhat shouting, "open the damned video store randal!" he rolled his eyes, exaggerating a groan and getting up from where he was sitting behind the counter. "just interrupt me in all of my conversations would you?" he said sarcastically, pulling out the keys to unlock the store and walking in, closing the door on brandi and renée before they could walk in. brandi looked at renée in shock, "that's the boy you've got a thing for? THAT GUY?!" renée slapped her arm, "just come on."

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