can't even tell ➸ view askew

" when a girl falls for a junkie and a clerk. "

- 「 i do not own any of the view askewniverse characters,
all rights go to the legendary kevin smith. 」

- 「 lower case is intentional. 」


2. randal the observer boy

it had been a couple of weeks since that attitude-filled girl snapped at randal and left him speechless. he'd be a damned liar if he said that he hadn't thought of her at least once or twice. or three times, he's not keeping count.


"you remember that girl that came in here acting like she owned the fucking place two weeks ago?" randal sighed, putting down the newspaper he was reading. dante was taping up the ripped dollar bills that customers, for some reason, think are okay to pay with. "the one you've been talking about SINCE that day? how could i not." her rental was due that day, and randal would be a liar if he said that he wasn't looking forward to seeing her.


each time someone walked through the doors of the video store, randal would look away from whatever movie he was watching - it's not like he was actually paying attention. i don't know why i keep thinking about her, she probably thinks i'm some sort of a prick. maybe i could try - his thoughts were interrupted by the loud and rapid knocking on the door. he got up to open it, and was greeted with a few of jay and silent bob's other junkie friends laughing and pointing at him and the 'i eat cock' sign above his head. 


"i knew you had some homosexual tendencies within 'ya." randal looked up after pondering over the sign, and saw the girl he had been waiting for for the last two weeks. he stood up, a bit clumsily as the chair he was sitting on toppled over. "how could i not, you've seen all of the oh-so good looking men here." his voice was monotone, and he was trying his absolute hardest to not sound excited. she smirked, shaking her head and handing him the tape. "please, there's not a single attractive man in all of leonardo." he felt his heart sink a little, but ignored the feeling and just put the tape under the desk where he would eventually put it back where it belongs. "well... maybe a few." she added quietly, sensing how awkward it got in the building. it stayed quiet, while randal filled out the rental sheet (i genuinely have no idea how that stuff works LOL).

as he was about to tell her everything was all set, he noticed her nametag on her shirt. "renée, huh?" he asked, resting his elbows on the counter. "a name like that doesn't fit a girl like you." he added, mentally beating his own ass for saying something so stupid. "you know, you sure do like to make observations..." she said, trailing off as she didn't know the smart-alec clerk's name. "randal." he said, and she repeated the name with confidence. "randal. randal the observer boy." she laughed at the nickname, putting her hands in her pocket and walking out of the store. 


he looked out of the window to see how far she had gotten, and once she was down the street he ran out of the building as fast as he could to tell his best friend about his encounter with the girl who's name he now couldn't get out of his head - renée.

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