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" when a girl falls for a junkie and a clerk. "

- 「 i do not own any of the view askewniverse characters,
all rights go to the legendary kevin smith. 」

- 「 lower case is intentional. 」


3. kind of cute

"if you like that stupid video store boy so much why don't you just marry him?" renée sighed heavily, and rolled her eyes at her friend's question. "i don't like him, okay brandi?" she wasn't completely lying, she didn't necessarily like him but the thought of him would not leave her mind. he was an asshole to her so why was she constantly thinking about him? "if you don't like him then you wouldn't be talking about him 24/7, renée." she stated, leaving renée speechless. she DID talk about him quite a lot. they continued walking through the mall, doing some random girls-day-out shopping. as usual, renée just couldn't stop thinking about randal.


"where are you going? the video store to see your little crush?" brandi asked as she saw renée getting up and ready to leave. "actually i am. BUT, it's to rent a movie for both of us, alright?" she defended herself quickly, and brandi simply laughed and shook her head. "alright, go on then. tell randal i said hello." renée groaned and left brandi's house, quickly walking to the video store and feeling some sense of excitement within her.


"hey baby wanna buy some drugs from a fat man in an overcoat?" jay exclaimed to renée as she tried to open the door to the video store, which was of course locked. "where's randal?" she asked, completely disregarding the dealer's earlier question. both jay and silent bob looked at each other in surprise, and jay began to question her. "who are you? why is a fine piece of woman like yourself looking for that fucking clerk? are you his girlfriend or something? are you here to break up with him?" these questions overwhelmed renée and she could've sworn they even gave her a migraine. "is it really any of your concern how i know him? where is he?" she snapped, catching the two off guard. "in the quickstop. hey, maybe you should reconsider that cocksmoking clerk and come kick it with a guy like me." renée rolled her eyes and walked into the quickstop to demand randal's assistance in the video store. 

after a few seconds of silence jay said,

"you know silent bob, that girl is actually kind of cute."

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