can't even tell ➸ view askew

" when a girl falls for a junkie and a clerk. "

- 「 i do not own any of the view askewniverse characters,
all rights go to the legendary kevin smith. 」

- 「 lower case is intentional. 」


4. a/n

hey guys, i'm just here to add that i hope my story does not offend anyone in any way with the language that is used, i just write in the point of view of the view askewniverse characters and how i feel like they would handle and speak in certain situations. this story will contain a loooot of obscene language and whatnot, and if it offends you in any way then i am really sorry. additionally, the story does have an r (?) rating as well so obscene things would be expected i think so.


again i am sorry if i do end up offending anyone! <3 :(

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