Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


2. Beyond the Night Road-Part Two


Thelma Jane Newberry gazed at the twinkling stars. She wanted to be free from her violent boyfriend, Ray Kane Harry, Jr. Kane, a low-life criminal from Fort Worth, Texas, had exerted a strong influence over her since they met during the summer of nineteen seventy. The world had changed since the nineteen sixties. Flower power, civil rights, and feminism, dominated the magazines, and television coverage, books, and movies, as well. The self-destruction of President Nixon was complete. Thelma ignored all of her parents advice not to date bad people. She had a romantic view of the world; she had attended Woodstock in August of 1969; she was going to make waves since she was now twenty-one. 

     A couple, who was attending a movie at the drive-in cinema, ignored her. The movie was The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman, and Anne Bancroft, from 1967. She ignored them, and walked down the Texas road towards Bobby Ray's Pub. Thelma opened the front door, and went inside. A group of drunken locals were sitting on black chairs. A middle-aged man was wiping the brown table with a blue cloth with his strong hands. He looked up to greet her. "Help you?", he asked her. "Yes, I'd like a cherry pie, and coffee please", she answered him. She sat down on an empty chair. The barman smiled. "Seven dollars and fifty cents". Thelma gave him a ten dollar note from her red purse. "Thank you", he said. Thelma ate her dinner, as the temperature dropped to fifty degrees.


Larry Hart started to believe death was inevitable. He had read about America's woes, and shuddered. He focused his ire on Martin Faulkner, the Arms Dealer at Faulkner's Gun Store. He grabbed a .9mm gun in his right hand, and opened the door. Martin, a old man of seventy, aimed his arms in the air. "Don't shoot!", he said. Larry, who stood six foot three, and two hundred pounds, waited for the gun to go off. When it didn't, he was sweating profusely. "This is your lucky day, Martin", Larry stated. He walked out of the store, and headed off into the Texas sunset like the devil in the cold, northerly, wind.


Sheriff Ian Gorman sipped his warm coffee, and sighed. 

He hadn't imagined the Texas weather would be too cold. He shuffled the papers on his aging desk. A lamp illuminated the small office in Austin. Suddenly, but not too expected, he heard the creaking of the back door. Deputy Lisa Campbell, was the face of the New America. Women officers were being promoted at a fast rate since January of 1971, one and half years ago. She walked near him. "Crime in New York is up", she said. Sheriff Gorman nodded. "New York is always a problem for the Mayor, and President Nixon", he said. He typed a report on his typewriter. "City Hall is underfunded", he added. She was about to say something else when they saw The Washington Post newspaper, and read how damaging five burglars could make in the nation's capital.

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