Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


22. Beyond the Night Road-Part Twenty-Two


South African Intelligence Agency.

Durbin, South Africa.

December 3, 1972

9:00 AM.

Matt Kramer, the Head of the South African Intelligence Agency, gazed at the file on Carl Robertson. It was classified. He hated to decode everything that was on his dusty black desk. It was too time consuming. The air conditioner was blowing cold air in his face; the air was twenty degrees...and dropping. Matt, who was thirty-nine, had the job because his boss, David Richardson, had a brain aneurysm will working on the modernization of South African spies abroad. He was only sixty-two. Matt watched the files with a sense of duty. Suddenly the front door opened. Matt saw Francine De Boer smiling at him. "I brought you some breakfast", she told him. "Thank you". In her hands were a grey table with coffee, and a plate with eggs, bacon, mushrooms, and tomatoes, on fresh toast; Matt took the table. 

    "I didn't have anything because I had too much work to do". 

    "After we've eaten, we can look at the files", she said. Matt nodded, and they ate together while the sun shone in the morning sky.


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