Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


23. Beyond the Night Road-Part Twenty-Three


Belfast, Ireland

November-December, 1972

7:21 PM.

Geordie Carter, an member of the IRA, gripped the air rifle out of his younger brother's hands by force. "Seamus, you know you're too young to join us", he told him. "The British are attacking us. I have to use force", he answered him. Geordie saw the Irish National Bank. Both of them wore red balaclavas on their sweaty heads. They begun to shoot at the front door's glass. The sound of screams were heard inside. "NO ONE MOVE!", Geordie yelled. As he and his brother aimed their rifles at customers, and the Bank Manager, Mister Ed Griffin, who was holding up his hands in surrender, Seamus grabbed as many bags of money as he could hold in his hands, while Geordie did the same. By seven-thirty PM, nine minutes' later, the terror was over, as they left in a van that was their escape vehicle that was down Sheppard Road which was illuminated by the bright lamps.


Eddie Kane focused his attention on the woman smoking at the gambling tables. He looked at the darts that were thrown by punters; he was going to spend two hundred Irish dollars tonight. If he lost, he would be in debt to Jack Baxter, the Irish mobster; if he won, he'd pay Jack back fifty of the winnings...and wouldn't dead by the end of the week. "Haven't I've seen you before?", he asked her. "No. I'm Sheila MacDonald", she answered in a Glasgow accent. "Would you like something to eat?". Sheila nodded. "Some Irish stew, and a Guinness, please". Eddie smiled, and headed to the bar to order the dinner. 

     By eight o'clock PM, as the folk music was being played, a group of spies arrived. They wore tweed suits, black, flared, trousers, black socks, and dark brown shoes on their feet, and a brown felt hat on their heads. Eddie looked around, and shivered. He saw Grahame Irving, a MI6 Agent, was smoking a cigarette. "Welcome back, Eddie. I thought you had ratted out to the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents", he stared at the bar area. Eddie blinked, and paid for the meal. "I'd never rat anyone out, Grahame. Besides, I want to live before the evening's ending". Grahame laughed. "You owe me money from the last time we were here. Two hundred dollars". Eddie gasped. "I can't pay", he sighed. Grahame stood near him. "It seems you're in a pickle, Eddie. We're spies who want information on The Sanderson File". Eddie shook his head. "I don't know about The Sanderson File. I-", he begun to splutter. "The Sanderson File is in the Dublin Headquarters of Sein Fein. We know you've met them to offer your price to the highest bidder", Grahame threatened. Eddie's face went a beet red colour. "I only met Craig Westwood, the Deputy Leader of Sein Fein in the late nineteen sixties. He gave me a job as a consultant. It's all legal, you know". Grahame smirked. "Is that so. So, you're a consultant. You've hit the big time now". Eddie shook his head. "No. The pay is low because of the Troubles", he saw Sheila was watching the exchange. She walked past Eddie. "Hello, Grahame. How are you doing?", she asked her ex-husband. Grahame smiled. "I'm fine. Besides, I have work to do", he answered. She nodded, as Eddie joined her to have their late dinner alone. 

      It was eight-ten PM.

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