Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


27. Beyond the Night Road-Part Twenty-Seven

MI5 Headquarters

London, England

December 9, 1972

5:12 AM.

Moira was jogging in the early morning sun. Once she was finished, she saw the bright lamp illuminating the front entrance to the MI5 Building. She saw several black cars nearby. She was wearing her grey track suit, and grey shoes on her feet. She noticed Richard Fletcher-Jones, the MI5 Agent. He sipped his Earl Grey tea, as he waited for the darkness to brighten. "Good morning, Richard", she said. "Good morning, Moira. Early start to the day?", he asked her. "I jog at five o'clock AM because it fits into my schedule", Moira answered. She stopped jogging. Richard finished his tea. When he was finished, they saw Sir Quentin Sellars, the new Head of MI5, arriving at the Building. The sixty year old spy acknowledged them. "Good morning, Moira, Richard. Let's go inside". 


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