Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


29. Beyond the Night Road-Part Twenty-Nine

Dublin, Ireland

December 26, 1972

Boxing Day

Ali Forbes smoked a cigarette. She entered the smoky restaurant, and sat down on her seat. She glanced at the Art House pictures on the creamy walls of jazz musicians. She was dressed in a grey coat, grey, flared, trousers, black stockings around her slender legs, and black shoes on her small feet. The ticking of the Grandfather clock ticked past Midday. She was attended to by an Irish waitress. "Good afternoon. Do you want to order now?", she asked. "Yes, I'd like some garlic bread, eggs, bacon, mushrooms, and tomatoes on toast, and some coffee, please", Ali answered. The waitress wrote down the order with her black pen. Several spies were watching her by the warm fireplace. They were watching for any signs of trouble. Ali, who was twenty-seven, had worked for the Irish Intelligence Agency for two years, after Peter Deere, the Head of the Agency, gave her a job during an interview back in the winter of nineteen seventy, when she had left Belfast College, and majored in studying the history of The Third Reich from nineteen sixty-eight to nineteen sixty-nine, as part of her thesis that was titled: "The Complete History of German Intelligence, and The Third Reich, 1936-1945". It was published on December 22, 1970, as a hardcover book, and was went to #1 in the Non-Fiction bestseller list for the last two years. Ali saw Harvey Thomas, a Central Intelligence Agency agent, at the grey bar. He ordered a Guinness, and a steak with vegetables. When he saw Ali, he smiled. "I didn't know you were here in Dublin, Ali", he said. She smiled. "I stopped during the book tours after Christmas; I wasn't prepared for my thesis to be a book. Randall Ives, the British director, wants to turn it into a two hour movie next year". Harvey nodded. "And then what? Go to Hollywood?", he asked her. "No. I'm writing a fiction spy thriller book called The Fated People. It is set in Poland in nineteen thirty-nine", she answered. She waited until her food and drink was served. Then Harvey did the same. As they ate their lunch, the doors opened, and the restaurant was raided by Government agents.


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