Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


24. Beyond the Night Road-Part Twenty-Four


Berlin, West Germany

December 2, 1972

3:00 AM.

The grim looking German soldier stood guard inside the Berlin prison tower. It was twenty-seven years since the end of World War II; it was something that bothered him, as he marched towards the edge of the tower's edge. "Horst! The Commander is attending the group", Martyn Brost, the new soldier, stated. Horst, whose parents were supporters of Adolf Hitler in Austria back in nineteen thirty-eight, were long dead due to cancer. Horst, who was injured during a fight in the summer of nineteen sixty-six, limped badly on his left leg. "I'll see him now". As he walked down the stone steps that led to the Mess Hall, he stood at attention. "Commander, it there anything wrong?", he asked him. "Yes, the KGB are infiltrating West Germany, and stealing our secret files from the nineteen twenties, through to the nineteen thirties. All of the files are classified", the Commander answered. Horst closed the grey door, and listened to what was going on. "It must be Antoni Andronovich, the new Head of the KGB. He is known for his temper". The Commander, who wore a full military uniform, black trousers, a silver belt, and black, polished boots on his feet, was wearing all of his stars on his left, breast pocket. He also wore a wedding ring on his right, middle, finger. Horst stopped speaking.

     "The KGB are ruthless, Commander. We have to be careful", Horst stated. The West Germany spying ring was diluted by nineteen fifty-seven during the Communism scare; by nineteen sixty-five, all West German spies were in Europe, intent on using their power to dominate other spies across the World. Horst knew that since the nineteen seventy through to nineteen seventy-one, he had to meet people who loathed West Germany. "I'll see what I can do, Commander. Good-bye!". He opened the door, and left the prison.

      It was three-ten AM.


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