Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


25. Beyond the Night Road-Part Twenty-Five


St James's Park

London, England

December 6, 1972

8:30 AM

The sun shone on Sir Charles's face. He sat on the old, grey, chair. To his left was an old suitcase. Several joggers were exercising along the cobbled path; several mothers were attending to their toddlers in prams. It was a normal, December morning in London, England. Sir Charles was used to late meetings with Lord Anton Grover, the Welsh Prime Minister. By eight-fifteen, Lord Grover appeared. "I'm sorry about the hold-up, but I had a message from Parliament that someone was going to blow up the building. It's the radical fanatics inside Wales that's the problem; the fanatics are using mob violence to shatter the frayed nerves of all Welsh politicians". Sir Charles pondered the problem. "Are they associated with the Welsh Underground Union?", he asked him. "Maybe; maybe not. All unions are thugs; all of them are using their cause for their own gains. All Welsh spies begun their careers in nineteen-thirteen during the Welsh Uprising that claimed the lives of twenty people. It was a year before the beginning of World War I in nineteen fourteen. Prime Minister Harry Jenkins won the election on a platform of sending spies across Europe to retrieve information that was classified back home. It worked. And now, as we're near the end of nineteen seventy-two, we've moved forward". Sir Charles listened intently. "England has suffered setbacks. The Troubles has raised the stakes with the bad blood in Northern Ireland. It's as if we're at war all over again". As both men smoked a cigarette, Lord Grover opened the suitcase. Inside was ten black and white photographs of the latest attacks in Belfast and Dublin pubs. "As you know, we've attempted to infiltrate Sein Fein. Some of the terrorists are hiding in Wales on faked passports; some are lying low, and waiting for the perfect time to attack London as well". Sir Charles also stared at five new black and white photographs of a Irish bank robbery. "We have to arrest these criminals before it's too late". Lord Grover closed the suitcase. And he left him alone by the park bench.

     It was eight-thirty AM.

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