Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


28. Beyond the Night Road-Part Twenty-Eight


Warsaw, Poland

December 14, 1972

8:33 PM.

Anna Christianson, the Warsaw Intelligence Committee Assistant Director, shivered from the freezing cold that was across all of Europe two weeks before Christmas. She walked down the cobbled road, and stopped near Krakow Park. She wore a grey coat, black, flared, trousers, red socks, and brown, polished, shoes on her feet. At fifty-five, she was the youngest Assistant Director in the country's long history. Because of the War Years, three decades ago, the memories of the German Army's invasion in nineteen thirty-eight, prayed on her mind as Adolf Hitler had jailed her parents for harbouring Jews during the Holocaust in nineteen thirty-nine. Christianson, who had long, silvery-grey hair, green eyes, and was petite, was wearing grey mittens on her hands to keep her warm. Up ahead, the nightmare of European spying had come full circle. By nineteen seventy, a century-old classified documents from January of nineteen o' seven, was deemed too sensitive to be released to the public. Christianson, who was Jewish herself, had demanded all documents to be held at the Warsaw Intelligence Library which was two miles north of Krakow, where soldiers guarded the building night and day with their air rifles in their hands. She had met Rabbi Johansen, at the Synagogue, last week when her husband, Ralf Christianson, died from a heart attack while they ate dinner. He was fifty-eight year's old. 

      Suddenly, and without any reason, she saw Frank Georgiou, the Head of the Greece Intelligence Committee, that was based in Crete, get out of the black limousine. Georgiou, a middle-aged ex-Greek Army soldier, smiled at her. "Anna, it's been a long time, yes", he said. Christianson nodded. "Good evening, Frank. I thought you were in Brussels on business matters", she said. "All business is of a sensitive matter. The Brussels High Commissioner, Gregory Schaffer, is deathly ill. He has asked me to oversee all things since he has cancer. Because I've spent twenty-five years in Brussels, I've taken out citizenship. I go to Crete on vacation when I can. Anyway, there's talk of a military coup in Brussels. Prime Minister Jacob Steinberg is on the outer. After Christmas, the country will have elections on January 5, nineteen seventy-three. Olga Volker is favourite to take office soon. I have files on all political assassins who threaten Warsaw". Anna nodded. She took off her mittens, and perused the documents; she was careful not to bypass all of them in case she knew someone from the past. Her eyes stopped to a woman who was wearing a beret on her head, and was dressed in a grey uniform. "That's Gretel Z. She's a spy for the French Patriotic Army, a right-wing off-shoot of the Government; she's a radical who uses violence to bring about the downfall of the Martins' Government in Paris". Frank Georgiou nodded. She picked up a copy of Frederick Forsyth's 1971 novel "The Day of the Jackal". Georgiou spoke. "You know the Jackal is a complex character". Anna nodded. "The Jackal assumes a lot of personalities while he moves from country to country", she said. They stopped talking about fictional spy thrillers, and headed down the gravelly road. "I've seen what I need to see", she told Frank. "I have a meeting at two o'clock PM. I'll see you soon, Anna. Good-bye!". He kissed her, and walked back to the car, leaving her to attend to other important matters at hand.


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