Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


20. Beyond the Night Road-Part Twenty


MI6 Headquarters

London, England

November 11, 1972

7:09 AM.

Katherine attended a meeting with Sir Charles Blake, the new Head of MI6. He smiled at her, as she sat down the same chair that was used for other members of MI6. She wore a grey coat, a black skirt, brown stockings around her legs, and black shoes on her small feet. On her right hand was her new Rolex watch. "You wanted to see me, Sir Charles?", she asked him. "Yes, as of today, the Prime Minister has changed the nineteen fifty-nine Espionage Act to create a more modern way spies work in the United Kingdom. Because of World War I, and II, Korea in the early nineteen forties, and Vietnam, we have to make sure our enemies can't bug Number 10 Downing Street to extricate information from our agents. Queen Elizabeth II has been told of the changes. And she has approved everything, under the nineteen twenty Spying Acts of 1908". He scanned the huge blue folder that was marked: THE NEW BRITISH ESPIONAGE LAWS VOLUMES I-III. Katherine looked at the book. "And what about President Nixon?", she asked him. "Nixon is in deep trouble over Watergate, and other security matters, in America. While his trip to China was successful, he is alone in the White House; even Henry Kissinger is leaving him alone. As for J. Edgar Hoover at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he is hanging on for another term in office. And he won't go quietly. I want you to head to Quantico, Virginia, to oversee British agents in training. It'll be good to come back soon in a year's time to head MI6 in November of nineteen seventy-three", Sir Charles answered. Katherine nodded. "I'll book the next flight from Heathrow to New York now", she said. Sir Charles placed the books away, and sipped his coffee before it was too cold.


Heathrow International Airport

November 11, 1972

11:05 AM.

Katherine arrived at the busy Airport on time. She had spent the last couple of hours booking her flight, packing her clothes, and other personal items, in her suitcase, in her apartment. She had updated her passport details, and was prepared for the one-thirty PM flight to New York. She headed to Xavier's Café, and had an early lunch. Afterwards, she walked to the Ladies' Restroom. By Midday, she washed her hands. A woman was smiling at her. "Long flight?", she asked her. "Yes, I'm going to New York on business", she answered. "New York is full of crime", she said. Katherine nodded. "I'll be fine", she told her. She then left her, and walked to Gate 5. And she boarded her British Airways flight. She placed her luggage into the compartment above her head, and sat down on her seat, as she waited for the Captain and crew, to lift off from the Airport.


Quantico, Virginia

November 10, 1972

10:00 AM.

R. Mark Young, II, the thirty-eight year old Head of the Quantico, Virginia, branch, greeted Katherine in his office. "We're glad you're here. MI5, and MI6, agents are the best people across London. Besides, J. Edgar Hoover could be stepping down soon. Please take a seat". Katherine did as she was told. "This branch is new", she said. He nodded. "Back in nineteen sixty, nineteen sixty-one, President Kennedy wanted the Federal Bureau of Investigation to be more scientifically minded; Kennedy, who was irked by the Soviets winning the space race, vowed to train all agents with the help of J. Edgar Hoover. When Kennedy died on November 22, 1963, America's trust in politics withered in the cold wind; when Senator Bobby Kennedy died in 1968, the dream was over. As for Senator Teddy Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick in nineteen sixty-nine, the accident was a dark day for everyone as the decade came to a close; by nineteen seventy, I wanted to revive all spies who worked under the all of the previous Administrations in the post-World War II eras, mainly in the nineteen fifties, two decades ago". Katherine listened to what he was saying. 

     "And now you want more women agents in America, and overseas for training?", she asked him.

     "Yes. The growing feminists are demanding change in the country. Within the next decade, as we approach the nineteen eighties, all women will be paid the same wage as their male counterparts", he answered. Katherine digested what she wanted to hear...and was shown to her desk for the first day of training at Quantico.


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