Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


32. Beyond the Night Road-Part Thirty-Two


MI5 Headquarters

January 13-February 16, 1973

2:00 AM.

Richard Fletcher-Jones yawned.

He sipped Earl Grey tea, as he scanned the computer file in his right hand. He had remembered the Prime Minister's talk about extra security in London because of the IRA; he was sure all measures was dealt with in-house. President Nixon, in Washington, DC, was waiting everything out in America, as he was eager to believe he had a political career in his last term in Office. The global threat was, in the early parts of nineteen seventy-three, full of turmoil; the threat, especially in Isreal, added a new kind of internal, and external, pressure. Richard saw the file on Scottish Union Leader David Choker, a man who used thugs to get debts from low-income families in the estate houses.  

     File #2345-4577-2155b. Name: David Aaron Choker. D.O.B.: 3-30-51. Age: 21. A member of the IRA, (1970-); a former Night Guard for Donaldson-Baker-Securities, (Belfast)-(1967-69). Marital status: Single. Member of the Dublin Worker's Union, (1969-); member of the Harris Military Hospital, (1970-71)-(Volunteer only). Choker was educated at Belfast High School, (1958-1966). He graduated with honours, (November 3, 1966), and worked for the Scottish Union, (January 3, 1966), onward until he was elected as the Leader, (August 4, 1972), being the youngest leader in Ireland's union history. Choker was arrested for inciting a riot during a Union protest at Galway Prison that lead to his brother, Liam Choker, a convicted arms dealer, to have his sentence increased for another ten years; Choker spent two months in jail in the process. After his release, (October 4, 1972), he went into hiding, and wasn't seen again for a long time.


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