Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


31. Beyond the Night Road-Part Thirty-One

Federal Bureau of Investigation Building

December 31, 1972

New Year's Eve

J. Edgar Hoover sat at his desk, and sighed with growing frustration. He had another fight with President Nixon; he was sure that the President's anger at Watergate, (and other matters), would shed the light onto the impending dread he was feeling; he was sure the new crop of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents would see out the long year, as he celebrated New Year's Eve alone.

    By seven-thirty PM, he grabbed his coat with his right hand, and his black wallet. Then he opened his office door, and left the Building, then headed to his private black limousine, where Larry Graham, the black driver, smiled at him. "The weather's horrible", he said. "Yes, it is. Besides, it's New Year's Eve, and everyone's at Times Square celebrating the end of the year", J. Edgar Hoover stated. Larry, who was thirty-four, opened the passenger-side door, and let his boss sit down on the black, leather, seat. He then drove towards Uptown Manhattan in the busy traffic.

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