Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


34. Beyond the Night Road-Part Thirty-Four



January 3, 1973-January 22, 1973

6:21 AM.

Edgar Reiss, a spy for MI5, smoked a cigarette. He had seen the Fordham Report from August of nineteen seventy, that detailed espionage across Europe was still a sensitive matter. He walked towards the smoky bar that was full of other spies. Edgar, who gripped his grey suitcase in his left hand, saw a woman smiling at him. She was also smoking, as other people were attempting to extricate as much classified information as they could. Reiss, who was twenty-seven, was a spy for the past three years. "I haven't seen you here before", he told her. The woman smiled. "I've been in Brussels for six months. There's increased activity in the country, and throughout Europe, concerning The Jacobson Files", she said. Edgar stopped in his tracks. "No one seems to know anything about the files. It was written by J. R. Danielson, a MI6 agent in nineteen thirty. No one knows who 'Jacobson' is. It's a mystery that's never been solved", Edgar stated. "I was married to Baxter Jacobson last year. He isn't saying anything-yet, about the files". Edgar nodded. "Baxter is one of London's multi-millionaires. If he's hiding anything, I want to find out". The woman grinned. "I'm Catherine Jacobson, the socialite". "I'm Edgar Reiss". Before they could say anything else, the first rays of sunlight was seen in the city.

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