Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


35. Beyond the Night Road-Part Thirty-Five

The Welsh Secret Service Headquarters


January 23, 1973

8:28 PM.

Cheryl Moore, the Welsh Secret Service, (WSS) Agent, knocked on the grey door. She opened it, and saw Ken Robertson, the Head of the Welsh Secret Service since nineteen forty-six, was sitting on his black chair, in the middle of the spacious room; she closed the door, and walked towards a spare silver chair near the mahogany table. "Please take a seat, Cheryl", he said. She nodded. Cheryl had long, red hair, green eyes, and tall. She wore a black dress, grey stockings, and black shoes on her feet. "Is anything wrong, Sir?", she asked him. "I am retiring soon. And I need a replacement by March 7. I want you to take over from me when I retire from active spy service", he answered her. "But I'm thirty-nine...", Cheryl begun to say. "It's nineteen seventy-three, not nineteen fifty-three. Times have changed from the conservative days back when female spies were few and far between", Ken stated. Cheryl listened attentively. "When do I start?". "Now. I will stay here until Midnight, and go home. You can start work tomorrow at nine o'clock AM", Ken answered. Cheryl pondered the offer. She smiled. "I accept". Ken shook her hands. "I'm glad you accepted, Cheryl. You can leave now. Good-night!". Cheryl opened the door, walked down the hallway, and hailed a waiting taxi, to take her home.


The taxi driver drove towards Stuart Road.

"What number?", he asked Cheryl.

"Number 45", she answered.

"I know the owner before, Cameron Wight, the footballer used to live there back in nineteen sixty-four with his wife, Sally", he said. 

"I follow Manchester United", Cheryl gave him a ten dollar fare. She smiled. 

"Good-bye!", the driver stated.

As he drove away, the bright lights illuminated the old road. Cheryl glanced at the cars that were nearby. Before she was a spy, her parents took her to ballet classes. But when she suffered an ankle injury when she was twelve, she was forced to give up her dream of being part of the Welsh Ballet Company. She then studied politics at Wales College, and received a degree of excellence in nineteen sixty. Because of the idea that women's rights were in the news, MI5 hired her in the winter of nineteen sixty-one. Cheryl, and the six other women spies, were the pioneers in the birth of modern espionage. She opened the door, and flicked on the bright light. She was about to turn on the television in the lounge room, when she saw the window in the kitchen was open. She gasped, as she saw a man holding a knife in his right hand. "I was waiting for you", Randall Price grinned. Cheryl waited before she could deal with the situation, and call 999. "It's bad luck to commit a crime in the house of spies", she said. Randall stared at her. "Spies don't exist", he said. "We exist", Cheryl stated. She kicked the bottom of the knife with her left hand; she heard the clang of the sharp weapon drop on the white ground. Then she grabbed the criminal's throat, and forced Richard to struggle, before he collapsed next to her feet. Cheryl then waited for the Welsh Police to arrive.


Welsh Detective Rory Madden arrived at the house by nine o'clock PM. He saw Cheryl was watching Randall lying in the kitchen. "Security is lax these days". Cheryl nodded in agreement. "I want more Night Guards on patrol. Alan Irvine, the Welsh Crime Commissioner, is under intense pressure to resign". Cheryl watched the criminal moan with despair. "Well, Rory. You've broken into too many homes tonight. Seven so far. We've tracked your movements by computer". Rory shook his head. He dragged him out of the house, and forced him into the back of the van. "I heard you're the new Head of WSS", he said. Cheryl looked at him with a grin. "Yes, I have the job. I want extra security across Wales, and the United Kingdom", she said. Detective Madden nodded. "I'll see what I can do", he told her. And he kissed her, and walked out of the front door.


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