Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


30. Beyond the Night Road-Part Thirty


Bonn, Germany

December 30, 1972

New Year's Eve


The biting cold weather hadn't bothered Fred Westwood, Jr. The Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent had a falling out with J. Edgar Hoover, over his preferences over the kind of agents who served under his watch. He decided to quit last month in November, and see the World. The constant rain battered the city of Bonn. He saw Fraulein Moss, smiling at him. "You arrived here on time", she said. "My plane flight was delayed because of thunder storms. It's no matter. Besides, I was about to see the sights of Europe before my work for the West German Intelligence Office", he lit up a cigarette. 

    "Being a spy these days is fraught with danger", Fraulein Moss stated.

    "I enjoy danger. I was shot at by IRA terrorists in Belfast in nineteen sixty-nine. It was before The Troubles started; before Northern Ireland exploded, and Sein Fein's attacks against the British Government was normal. As an American, I saw everything. Tomorrow is New Year's Day, and I intend to survive". Fraulein Moss nodded. "Let's go inside my house, and I'll cook dinner". Fred followed her through the front door, and was glad to be safe from the rain.

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