Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


13. Beyond the Night Road-Part Thirteen


Federal Bureau of Investigation Building.

October 27, 1972

7:30 AM.

Belinda Pryce walked through the doors of the building. She saw J. Edgar Hoover smiling at her in his office. "We've got a new place at Quantico for male and female FBI Agents. It's because of the future of the Bureau. Everyone is trained to look, think, and act, a certain way; my way. President Nixon wants the American intelligence community to have behavioural forensic training there; it's the future of the FBI", he told her. Belinda nodded. "And in Washington, DC?", she asked him. "Yes, especially there. The Georgetown University campus is full of the bright people who want to have careers in religion, politics, and espionage. The third group is secretive; we select the best students for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As for Pat Nicholson, the Head of the Central Intelligence Agency, he wants to steal my thunder; he won't do it, though. It's internal politics". Belinda nodded. "Can female Agents succeed? Nineteen seventy-three is upon us soon", she asked him. "Of course. The nineteen seventies is a different time when I led the Federal Bureau of Investigation a long time ago". Belinda, who was sitting on a silver seat, nodded. "I'll go to Quantico. Maybe I shall tell you any leads in secret afterwards". J. Edgar Hoover smiled. "Keep me informed", he stated. And she walked out of the office, and decided to go to Quantico, where her future was secured.


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