Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


6. Beyond the Night Road-Part Six


Belfast, Ireland, September 7, 1972


The distant road was dulled by the pressure that was exerted in the Irish city of Belfast. Angus Douglass, the spy for Sein Fein, drank his Guinness at The Darkness Pub. He had remembered the orders from the top. Don't work for the enemy; don't negotiate a deal with the untrustworthy English; don't murder anyone unless you have to. He saw several gamblers playing darts. He wore a tweed jacket, a grey hat on his head, black, flared, trousers, blue socks, and black shoes that was freshly polished. On his left, middle, finger was a wedding ring; on his right hand a Swiss watch that he had brought in Basle, Switzerland, two year's ago, in nineteen seventy. He started to believe that his contact wouldn't be here. By six-thirty PM, a numbing feeling of dread overcame him. Before the yelling of the gamblers were heard over the whole of the old pub, Angus sensed movement. Before he could do anything, a woman walked up to him. Seconds later, she held onto a sharp knife in her left hand. She then slashed downward towards her target's throat. Seconds later, the body of Angus Douglass dropped onto the red carpet that was near the nineteen thirties-style mahogany bar, that was drenched in blood.


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