Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


17. Beyond the Night Road-Part Seventeen

London, England.

November 2, 1972

6:34 AM.

It was a morning of lows for Katherine. She hadn't imagined herself watching the news on television about the shifting crisis across the World; she was more concerned about the London Stock Exchange, and the money she was making at Fleet Street. She ate her breakfast at Ford's Café, as she focused herself on the shady people of MI6; she was used to their tweed hats, and black hats on their heads, and expensive suits. She glanced at the screens with nervous energy; she was sure the Prime Minister at Number 10 Downing Street, would give out a press conference in the coming hours about the espionage incidents that affected England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales; she was drinking Earl Grey tea, as the footsteps of a woman smiled at her. "Good morning, Katherine. Early start to the day, right?", Marla Davis, the Deputy Head of MI5, asked. Katherine smiled. "Good morning. The world is crumbling around us, and we've survived the explosions", she answered. Marla sat next to her. "London is still breathing. Since the Great Fire of 1666, the city had returned to normal. Besides, we're here to deal with the news that all spies aren't going underground like in nineteen thirty. World War I and II, hit us hard. Churchill wanted the country to be free of Adolf Hitler's grip in nineteen thirty-nine through to April of nineteen forty-five. By nineteen forty-six to nineteen fifty-seven, England survived all wars across Europe because we had stable Government; by nineteen fifty-one through to nineteen sixty-eight, we had powers to crush foreign spies. Sadly, in the last couple of years, the growing feminist movement, and the Civil Rights protestors, have dominated the stage. Spies haven't gone away, they're in the darkness". Katherine let her speak. "According to the news, the Prime Minister sent Sir Andrew Shipley, the Defence Minister, to Melbourne, Australia, will be meeting Prime Minister John Mathews, on security matters abroad. The Australians aren't happy about the news that Watergate is front and centre of American politics. President Nixon is steering a broken Government into the deep abyss". Katherine nodded. She looked at other joggers going up the pathway. "Watergate is a symptom of a festering sore inside, and outside, America these days; Watergate wasn't in the news until Nixon wanted information on the Kennedy family that stemmed from the nineteen sixties onward. The real news is that we're here to bolster our own spy networks to overtake America, and dominate the spy world", Marla stated. Katherine stared at her. "I won't say we're dominating America, or all of our friends overseas, is the right thing to go. Besides, in my opinion, there'll be more flash points in the near future which will have to be attended to". She watched a black limousine go by. Katherine knew they were being tailed by MI5 Agents. She had seen what paranoia could do to people; she had seen her boyfriends had left her because of the Government's use of 'risk management', (their term), for keeping tabs on anyone who threatened the Royal Family, and all of the Prime Minister's Cabinet. Katherine shook her head, and pretended not to feel like she was afraid. 

     "The talk is that something will happen soon. Richard Boone, the Irish Prime Minister, was stated as saying that The Troubles would end in a decade", Marla said. Katherine didn't believe it. She had Irish members of her family in Dublin, and Galway, who knew the violence wouldn't end by December 25, Christmas Day. Katherine waited for the cars to move along Rope Street. She stared at the bright lamps. "I have a meeting at eight-forty-five AM", she said. "I'd had better leave too. Good-bye Katherine", Marla said. She walked away, as Katherine did the same.

      It was now seven o'clock AM.



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