Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


7. Beyond the Night Road-Part Seven


Federal Bureau of Investigation Building

September 8, 1972


J. Edgar Hoover stared at The Irish Times newspaper. He had a worried look on his aging face. He hadn't imagined the death of Angus Douglass in a Belfast Pub, would make the local and International news. He was eager to blame an off-shoot of Sein Fein for the spies' death. He had seen political assassinations before since nineteen fifty-six, through to nineteen sixty-nine. Deaths were messy affairs. He had ordered all agents to look the same, and work under him with confidence. He had known about the Irish Patriotic League, or the IPL, had formed in nineteen fifty. They were an undercover organization who demanded Ireland be separated from the United Kingdom. Over two decades later, up until nineteen seventy-one, Sein Fein's influence dominated the politics of the country. The IPL, lead by Donald Michael Leary, a radical Irish terrorist, was known to travel overseas to make his mark on the World; Leary, a forty-four year old Dublin High School drop-out at the age of seventeen, used violence to gain media attention over the decades. Leary, who was jailed for political violence, from nineteen sixty-one to nineteen sixty-four, had long, black, greying hair, hazel eyes, and was over six feet tall. J. Edgar Hoover stared at Leary's black and white picture from nineteen sixty-three. Hoover, a man of action, placed the file on Leary under the "L" classified section in the new computer system, and waited for the telephone to ring to let him that Leary was planning a trip to New York.


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