Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


1. Beyond the Night Road-Part One


June-July, 1972


The newspapers were rife with the news about the break-in at the Democratic Party Headquarters in Washington, DC. Mark Denning smoked a cigarette, as he pondered on the impending political crisis that deeply afflicted President Richard M. Nixon. With the country in a stand-still, Denning grabbed a sharp knife in his right hand. By nine o'clock in the evening, he breathed in the cool, night, air. He didn't care about the talk of Watergate; he wasn't concerned about the social aspects of life in America at the time of insanity. With the war in Vietnam still costing a lot of people's lives deep in the jungles in Asia, Denning felt angry at losing his job as a concreter. The pay was dismal, as he wanted to make a name for himself. Denning, who mulled over the result of Nixon's win, caused him to think life was dull. He finished smoking, and stomped on the fiery embers with his black boot. He focused on the colour television. With the President under intense pressure, Mark knew he had to do something. He opened the front door of his apartment, and started to close it. Seconds later, he locked the door. Then he strode forward towards Peter Road, and waited for the perfect crime to commit.


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