Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


19. Beyond the Night Road-Part Nineteen


Part IV


Cape Town, South Africa.

November 5, 1972

8:00 AM.

The heat of the African sun was dawning on Carl Robertson. He knew, deep down, the hunters were insane. He checked his phone, as the new computer system from the United States had arrived last night. The broken road of smoky dust blew in his face. He gazed at the hut that was full of black servants. He was the landholder to a group of people who were paid fifty dollars an hour to work in the fields nearby. Robertson, who was thirty, had long, blonde hair, bright, blue eyes, and tall. He hadn't meant to work all night; he was thinking of Carole Harris, his British girlfriend, who worked for MI5; he didn't talk to her about her work, because it was classified. Robertson, who was a computer hacker in his teenage years, didn't have a proper job. Hacking was a pastime, like game hunting with his dead parents back in nineteen sixty-eight, four year's ago. 

      Robertson glanced at the phone. He typed in his code, and waited for the green screen to illuminate. He listened to the pinging sound. Once he locked into the NORAD system, he waited to fix the bugs that dominated the series of programs that were on offer, especially of a military nature; some features were news worthy, from the Cape Town Times newspaper, where apartheid dominated Africa. Robertson received an error message. He frowned, then relaxed by making some coffee that was on a grey table in the middle of the house. He changed tactics. He typed in the words: ANTHRAX LABORATORIES IN DURBIN. He poured the coffee, as he scanned five results. Robertson breathed harder, as he printed everything he could use via his phone. Once the downloading finished, he went to work planning to shut down the country.


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