Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


9. Beyond the Night Road-Part Nine


New York University.

October 9, 1972


The halls of the old University was full of students who were studying in various majors. Belinda Pryce gripped her Political Science book, and walked to Professor Lime's class. She was on the verge of being selected to study under the middle-aged Professor since she came to the University in the summer of nineteen sixty-nine, when she turned twenty. She knocked on the front door. Then she heard the creaking sound, as she saw the Professor smiling at her. "Welcome back, Belinda. Please close the door". She did as she was told. She sat down on a black seat. Then she waited. "You're intellect means you're perfect to be working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as an Agent there". Belinda stopped thinking about the news. She was nervous. "The Feds want me to be a spy?", she asked him. "Yes, I have faith in your ability to be a member of J. Edgar Hoover's organization", the Professor answered. Belinda shook her head. "Why me?; why now?". The Professor nodded. "He knows he can't be head of the Feds forever; he knows he wants more women working for him. You're my protégé; you're my only trustworthy person to oversee classified secrets that are in America's interests at heart", he said. He waited for her to say something. "I'll do as you're asking", she said. And the Professor nodded, and smiled.


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