Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


14. Beyond the Night Road-Part Fourteen


Belfast, Ireland.

October 29, 1972.

6:25 PM.

The rain fell down in Belfast. Patricia Deane, a journalist for the Irish Times newspaper, shuddered as she was drenched. She gripped her warm jacket with her hands. She saw Bill Thomason, the Editor-In-Chief, was scanning page 6, that had an article on the growing Sein Fein political violence that had soured the country since the late nineteen sixties. "So, is David MacDonald ratting out the party?", she asked him. "No. He is eager to speak; he is sending mixed messages since he was in London for the last three years working in construction", Bill answered her. Patricia, who was twenty-seven, sighed. "He is not going to war against the English now. He was arrested last year for blowing up a Dublin military base with Molotov cocktails, and using TNT explosives. Angus James, a lawyer I knew of, made a plea deal, and he was released with a six month bond. Because of the Troubles, the Irish people loath the English; and vice-versa. In my mind, the violence is out of control", she said. Bill nodded. "So, we're publishing a three-page article on Sein Fein", Patricia said. Bill said: "If we don't do it, other newspapers will". And he ordered a taxi, and they waited to be picked up from Lowell Road, as thunder boomed in the early evening sky.


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