Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


41. Beyond the Night Road-Part Forty-One


Paris, France

March 5, 1973

8:00 AM.

The assassin had arrived at the city on time. She was eager to look at the map that was in her hands. In her mind, she had an important mission to do. She had twenty-four hours to complete the job. She was being paid $500,000 in francs by the Belgian Patriotic Front, (or the BPF); she didn't ask any questions as to why the Belgian Right-Wing group wanted to make waves in France; she was glad for the money. By eight-thirty AM, she saw several guards on patrol guarding Prime Minister Martins, who was sitting in a black seat of his bullet-proof car. She took her time, as she knew that her target was Jean-Pierre Sender, the Belgian Ambassador to France. She gazed at the bright sun, and squinted her green eyes before she made her plans to take out the Ambassador once she knew about the route he was taking in the middle of the road that led to The Eiffel Tower.


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