Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


40. Beyond the Night Road-Part Forty


Office of The Washington Times

Washington, DC

March 5, 1973

8:00 AM

Jessica Sharpe, the Washington Times reporter for three years, saw the group of reporters trying to talk to President Richard Nixon. "I suppose you want have an exclusive", Don Maddingly, a New Yorker reporter, sipped his warm coffee, as the temperature dropped to sixty degrees. "What's happening? Is the President resigning?", she asked him. "Henry Kissinger is remaining silent. Besides, in my opinion, Nixon's political career is over", Don answered. He saw more reporters outside. 

     "We need to talk to Nixon", Jessica argued.

     "Too late, he's not speaking", Don sighed. They saw Greg Lime, the Editor-In-Chief, and Zach Kendall, the publisher, were busy on the telephones in a frenzy. Jessica knocked on the door. She opened it, and saw her bosses finishing their calls. "Take a seat, Jessica", Greg looked out of the glass window. Zach looked stunned by the news which was dominating the newspapers across America. "There's talk there's spies inside the United States, who intend to bring down the country by the use of technology", Greg informed them. Zach checked for bugs underneath the chairs, and tables. When there wasn't any found, Jessica felt relieved. "Let's watch channel 1, and be prepared the fallout".


John Mayberry glanced at the television screens at The Petersburg Café. He watched the group of people were reading newspapers while eating their breakfast. The Cold War hadn't thawed for every spy, a decade ago. He finished eating, and waited for the early morning's glow from the bright sun, hit the windows. He had waited patiently for the time to come to have a new President in office. It was nineteen sixty-three when he wondered what it was like to force changes at The White House. After President John F. Kennedy's death, Mayberry, who was twenty-four at the time, wanted the change to come immediately. Now, about a decade later, he knew the timing was right to go forward with his plans, and make his name for himself.


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